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By Nicholas Huang, Selwyn Black
This decision highlights the possible risk of taking correspondence from the Australian Taxation Office at face value.
By Charles Harrison
Powers of attorney are important in ensuring that you can be in control of your financial, legal, and personal affairs.
By Matthew Rafferty
Damages awarded where tenant refurbished premises then landlord refused to execute lease.
By Matthew Rafferty
Discussion about case about an exercise of an option and subsequent negotiation. .
By Gillian Kirwan, Paul Carroll
Protracted negotiations as to varied terms for future lease did not mean the tenant had abandoned the option lease.
By Justine Anderson, Lucy Tait
Hospitals and practitioners should ensure tests provide an accurate assessment of a patient's suitability for discharge.
By Peter Punch
An implied contractual term of "good faith and fair dealing" in an employment contract needs High Court interpretation.
By Gillian Kirwan, Paul Carroll
This leasing case was also another reminder about how difficult it is to win misleading and deceptive conduct cases.
By Bill Madden
Article discusses how the law, perhaps like medicine, seems easy enough to apply in many, but not all, circumstances.
By Joshua Dale
Article discusses how legal systems and insurance policies fail to keep up with ever-changing service scenarios. .
By Matthew Rafferty
Article discusses what happens when the lease does not include an address.
By Matthew Rafferty
Article discusses recent Victorian case which considers liquidation of lessee and assignment of the lease. .
By Paul Burke
If you make a workers compensation claim in Victoria, you may come across the very unfamiliar term "impairment benefit".
By Nicholas Huang, Selwyn Black
Network Ten is appealing decision that compels Ten to sell its shares in TX Australia to Nine and Seven for one dollar.
By Nicholas Huang, Selwyn Black
Recent case guides priorities and which creditors can have recourse to the trust assets held by an insolvent trustee.
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