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By Bill Madden
This article focuses on some information provision issues addressed in the new ethical guidelines on the use of ART.
By Selwyn Black, Nathan Gately
In this case, the NSW Supreme Court gave guidance as to what is required by an obligation to use reasonable endeavours.
By Nicholas Huang, Selwyn Black
NSW Revenue Ruling No. DUT 35 Version 2 will help to clarify the duty consequences of partitioning New South Wales land.
By Matthew Rafferty
There were deficiencies in the Heads of Agreement that indicated that the parties did not intend to be immediately bound.
By Matthew Rafferty
Where the retail legislation does not specify, play it safe, and provide a disclosure statement for option leases.
By Alex Collie, Paul Carroll
The waste management company JJ Richards had a number of terms in their standard contract declared void by the Court.
By Alex Collie, Paul Carroll
Retailers should be alert to these new reporting requirements and also the broad scope of information that is covered.
By Nicholas Huang, Selwyn Black
PCG 2016/16 helps to clarify whether a trust qualifies as a fixed trust, and many trusts could need to be amended.
By Kenneth Wilks
Under the Family Law Act the only person with rights is the child and the Court considers the best interest of the child.
By Kenneth Wilks
For an application for adjustment of property interests under the Family Law Act, the Court has a four stage approach.
By Kenneth Wilks
This is a fundamental legal right, which means that you do not have to say anything to police or answer their questions.
By Bill Madden
The balancing exercise between confidentiality and the patient's potential risk to the community has become no easier.
By Joshua Dale, Nathan Gately
After considering all of the evidence, His Honour granted new letters of administration to Rada, the de facto spouse.
By Kenneth Wilks
The article explains notices of suspension, drink driving offences, and the Traffic Offenders Intervention Program.
By Peter Lleonart
The practical outcome of these amendments is that large numbers of NSW workers have become disentitled to compensation.
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