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By Anthony Fuga
The court agreed with Green Dot.
By Eric Crusius, Kelsey M. Hayes
This week, President Donald Trump signed twin executive orders aimed at reigning in executive agency regulatory powers.
By Jonathan Epstein
The resolution of these designations is likely a bargaining chip in the larger trade negotiations between the United States and China, and is not likely to be resolved at the agency level.
By Ashley Lynn Shively, Mark S. Melodia
Several bills would make changes to the consumer rights request process.
By Linda Auerbach Allderdice, Samuel J Stone, John Haney
The favorable ruling for employers curtails PAGA's reach and should help to limit runaway settlement demands in PAGA cases.
By Anthony Fuga
For this reason, the PTAB decision did not even warrant deference.
By Shannon Britton Hartsfield
Healthcare providers face a dilemma when patients post complaints or make other statements on social media.
By Anthony Fuga
A day after the decision, Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) issued a statement, where he called for a new patent eligibility test.
By Taite McDonald, Michael Obeiter
Welcome to the first issue of Holland & Knight's Government Clean Tech Update, where we'll distill the most important clean tech updates and government-related market trends and developments from
By Anthony Fuga
There is an ongoing struggle over § 101: the Federal Circuit struggles over the appropriate scope; the lower courts struggle to apply the Federal Circuit's decisions; litigants struggle due
By Eric Crusius, Victoria Zerjav, Vania Aksentijevich
U.S. military personnel and employees of government contractors often must be in foreign countries to support the U.S. government's missions overseas...
By J. Michael Cavanaugh, Jameson B. Rice
FMC Commissioner Rebecca Dye dissented, stating that she would have granted the petition in its entirety.
By Anthony Fuga
Accordingly, at step 1 of the Alice inquiry, the court found that the patent claims are not directed to an abstract idea and denied Pet Factory's motion to dismiss.
By Kelly-Ann Cartwright, Christine Gay
The employer who challenged Section 542.336 after its enactment employed all nine of the radiation oncologists in Lee County, Florida.
By Stuart Saft
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