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By Matthew Critchley, Ben Reade
The question of a public officer's intent when enforcing a regulation has been sent to the High Court for consideration.
By Janine Young, Anthony Forsyth, Sarah Clarke
The wording of the applicable casual conversion clause in an award or enterprise agreement is critical for any employer.
By Jane Hider, Justine Cheong
These GEO amendments will reduce the regulatory impost on government agencies to generate or supply renewable energy.
By Christine Covington, Matt Floro
A unified vision of land use, transport and infrastructure is at the heart of the draft Greater Sydney Region Plan.
By John Tuck, Anthony Forsyth
This article comments on several key employment law developments in Australia during the third quarter of 2017.
By Michael Chaaya, Magan Goh, Joanne Dwyer
Many of the operational details of the AFCA scheme will be set out in guidelines and other informational AFCA material.
By Andrew Chew, Christine Covington
In response to the use of non-compliant cladding materials, the NSW Government released draft regulations for comment.
By John W H Denton, Melanie Bond
This week's podcast features the second of a two-part series looking at challenges facing global infrastructure finance.
By Daniel Marquet, Laura Elliott, Barbara Bell
The threat of cyber-attacks is increasing for organisations and so too is the demand for security and cyber insurance.
By James Morley, Robert Clarke, Sally Milner
Regulatory changes to tighten controls and new taxes that impact their margins, are key catalysts for this consolidation.
By Andrew McCormack
This update on legislative and case law developments in construction and infrastructure sectors, looks at recent cases.
By John Tuck, Richard Flitcroft, Anthony Forsyth, Tegan Harrington, Darren Lee
This overhaul of the private sector whistleblower regime is part of a series of reforms to regulate corporate misconduct.
By Ben Davidson, Jonathan Mackojc
The article compares emergency arbitration under institutional rules of: ACICA, HKIAC, SIAC, KLRCA, CIETAC and the ICC.
By Jade Rowarth, Jason Salman, Kirsty Sutherland
This decision turned on the construction of section 62 of the PPSA and the reference to a grantor obtaining possession.
By Nicholas Ellery, James Hulmes, Anthony Forsyth
Employers should carefully consider their industrial bargaining strategies for EAs in light of these recent decisions.
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