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By Nicole N. Stakleff, Kyle A. Dolinsky
PTE affords a patent owner up to five additional years on a patent that covers a drug, biologic or class III medical device.
By Joseph C. Guagliardo, Scott R. Jones, Todd R. Kornfeld, Philip (PJ) Hoffman
Historically, the stock of a corporation was represented by physical stock certificates.
By Richard Reibstein
Over the last nine months Uber has suffered one legal setback after another in the class action independent contractor class action lawsuit filed against it in federal court in San Francisco.
By Vicki Harding
A chapter 13 debtor was a member of a limited liability company. Another member sought relief from the automatic stay in order to acquire the debtor’s membership interests.
By Gregory Narsh
Depending upon the nature of your business, it is likely subject to many different, and sometimes overlapping, federal, state and even local regulatory programs.
By Richard Reibstein, Lisa Petkun, Andrew Rudolph, Gregory Bishop, Andy Chan, Thomas Fitzpatrick
A recent online edition of New York Magazine’s "Daily Intelligencer" includes a comprehensive article on how Silicon Valley startup tech companies using "the 1099 model" may be exposed to employment, tax and benefit law liabilities that could drive them out of business or cause them to change to a W-2 model.
By Vicki Harding
A chapter 7 trustee sought to avoid as a preference a mortgage that was recorded within 90 days before a bankruptcy filing.
By Vicki Harding
A lender that attached the wrong legal description to its recorded mortgage sought equitable subrogation and/or reformation of the mortgage to obtain a first priority lien.
By Gregory Nowak
The JOBS Act and the regulations thereunder applies to private issuers that want to make general solicitations within the context of their "private offerings."
By Vicki Harding
In connection with a proposed sale of real property, a chapter 11 debtor sought to prohibit the mortgagee from submitting a credit bid.
By Richard Reibstein, Lisa Petkun, Andrew Rudolph
The Department of Labor is funding 19 states’ efforts to crack down on businesses that fail to make unemployment contributions for individuals misclassified as independent contractors.
By Daniel Scolnick
The "Purple Book," will list all biological products, including any biosimilar and interchangeable biological products, licensed by the FDA.
By Vicki Harding
A secured creditor sought a court determination that it had valid perfected liens on the assets.
By Frank Mayer, III, Jonathan Levin
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency adopted Final Guidelines establishing risk governance standards for FDIC-insured national banks.
By Christine Waldmann Carmody, Blair Schiff
The ORCF Closing team invites all complete closing packages to be submitted to the assigned HUD Attorney and HUD Closer as soon as they are ready.
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