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By Alexandre-Philippe Avard, Simon Kupi, Ann Bigué, Bernard Roth, Laura Estep, Joshua Jantzi, Mai Rempel
The Supreme Court of Canada (the "Court") has rejected Crown consultation and spiritual-rights challenges brought by the Ktunaxa Nation (the "Ktunaxa") ...
By Mike Hollinger, Kris Miks, Marah Smith
Further to the CSA August 2017 Staff Notice, on October 17, 2017, the OSC granted an exemptive relief application with respect to the dealer registration requirements imposed by Ontario securities...
By Cristina Wendel
An Alberta judge cited a lack of remorse as a factor warranting a 4 month jail term for a supervisor of a work site.
By Adrian Miedema
A labour arbitrator has upheld the dismissal of a city inspector after he physically attacked two people – a coworker and a contractor to the city – in two separate incidents at work.
By Andy Pushalik
In what can only be described as a victory for common sense, an arbitrator recently upheld the discharge of a 27 year employee who was found responsible for spiking the office water cooler with chlorine bleach.
By Joel A. Nitikman, Mark Woltersdorf
On October 19, 2017, the Department of Finance Canada issued a news release advising that it will not move ahead with proposed measures intended to target the conversion of income into capital gains.
By Adrian Miedema
An Ontario judge has decided that a worker's negligence – not the company's – caused the worker's death, overturning a conviction and fine in a Ministry of Labour prosecution against the company...
By Joel A. Nitikman, Mark Woltersdorf
On July 18, 2017, the Department of Finance Canada introduced draft legislative proposals impacting private corporations and their shareholders.
By Eric Foster, Kris Miks, Andreas Kloppenborg
On October 16, 2017, the CSA published CSA Staff Notice 51-352 Issuers with Marijuana-Related Activities clarifying the CSA's disclosure expectations for issuers carrying on marijuana-related activities in US states...
By Adrian Miedema
An Ontario judge has decided that a $250,000 fine against a small company, and 25-day jail terms for two company directors, were too severe.
By Cristina Wendel
After only two months on the job, an equipment operator/driver was terminated by his employer.
By Eric Foster, Kim Martyn
The proposed Alberta Cannabis Framework is based on the results of extensive public and stakeholder engagement, and focuses on following four policy priorities:
By Dentons LLP, Brenna Evans
Round three of the NAFTA negotiations concluded in Ottawa on September 27, 2017. Before this round...
By Adrian Miedema
Another Ontario employer has been jailed for violating the Occupational Health and Safety Act. As in some previous OHSA jail-time cases, this one involved a worker falling off a roof.
By Cristina Wendel
In March 2016, the Government of Alberta launched a formal review of the workers' compensation system and established an independent panel to examine the system and make recommendations.
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