In October 2013, the CTMO issued notice on an amendment to the 10th Edition of International Classification of Goods and Services. According to the notice, the Tenth Edition, Version 2014 of the Nice Classification will enter into force on January 1, 2014. Parts of the amendment are attached.

Some of the significant changes are noted as follows:

(i) Computer application software (downloadable), electronic-book reader, smart phone, tablet computer, encoded keycard, memory card for video game machine, etc. have been added to Class 9;

(ii) Providing commercial and business contact information, search engine optimization, website traffic optimization, pay-per-click advertisement, providing business information via website, etc. have been added to Class 35;

(iii) Providing on-line music (not downloadable), providing on-line video (not downloadable), etc. have been added to Class 41;

(iv) Electronic data storage, providing computer technology and programming information via website, cloud computing, etc. have been added to Class 42;

(v) On-line social networks service has been added to Class 45.

It is encouraging to see that some popular or latest technical terms in the relevant fields have been accepted in the classification. To expedite the acceptance of trademark applications, the trademark owners should ensure that the specifications of goods or services set out in the application forms conform to the International Classification of Goods and Services as close as possible.


Amendment to CTMO Classification_EN

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