On 3 November, Beijing High People's Court released its final ruling on Beijing Carrefour Commercial Co., Ltd. & Abbott Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. v. Tian Weijun for monopoly dispute, in which the appeal of Carrefour and Abbott were rejected. Beijing High People's Court held the view that, Provisions on the Jurisdictions over Cases by Intellectual Property Courts (the "Provisions") did not explicitly provide that intellectual property courts could govern monopoly dispute, but Article 3 of Notice on Issues concerning the Jurisdiction over Cases regarding Intellectual Property Rights explicitly provides that intellectual property courts shall govern the monopoly cases of first instance within the jurisdictions of the municipality of its domicile, which supplements the Provisions. Through this ruling, for the first time a court clearly elaborated on the jurisdiction issue of antitrust cases.

For details, please visit: http://www.court.gov.cn/zgcpwsw/bj/zscq/201511/t20151103_12225640.htm#rd?sukey=fc78a6849a14bb2117c1c8ce168f9a0c142e56f45540425b41d167933a0b6030adb234a74cea2b2f3403348 8c79642b

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