On 25 November 2015, PSIAMB under NDRC jointly with the Research Centre for Competition Law and Industry Promotion of Tsinghua University, held antitrust seminar for lawyers and demonstration workshops for experts in Beijing. Famous jurists and economists in the field of antitrust were invited to the seminar and key issues in the identification of illegal gains and the determination of fines were discussed. During the seminar, opinions on the Guidelines were also solicited from representatives of several law firms. Mr. Zhang Handong, Director General of PSIAMB pointed that, reasonably and scientifically identifying illegal gains and determining fines is a key to reach the goal of preventing and terminating monopoly conducts. Also, it is a necessary measure to improve the transparency of anti--‐monopoly enforcement, to regulate the power of administrative penalties and to enhance legal expectation of undertakings.

For details, please visit: http://jjs.ndrc.gov.cn/gzdt/201511/t20151130_760102.html#rd?sukey=fc78a68049a14bb29b6df8 62f0d7b644494b32b12554fb649b3397932459810e840db4e4c85468e6714a2cf84028476f

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