Representatives from CIIPO (the Cayman Islands Intellectual Property Office) will be on Cayman Brac on Friday, 24 June, to speak with persons in creative fields about how they can benefit from stronger laws covering copyrights, trade marks and design rights.

Anyone on the Brac who produces – or wants to produce – original creative works ranging from poetry, music and apps, to 'secret ingredient' recipes and original design work, can speak with CIIPO representatives between 9am and 3:30pm on Friday.

Persons throughout the Cayman Islands can listen to CIIPO representatives during the live Talk Today broadcast from the Brac, airing on Radio Cayman between noon and 2:30pm, to hear more about Cayman's IP protection.

CIIPO is a unit under the General Registry department. To speak with the CIIPO representatives while they are in the Brac, email the Registry's Deputy Registrar Mr Donnell Dixon at To learn more about copyrights, trade marks and design rights, log on to

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