1. Appoint a Cayman Islands listing agent: The listing agent will advise you whether the fund meets the Exchange’s conditions for listing and will act as the point of contact between the fund and the Exchange. You can find a list of the listing agents registered with the CSX on our website (http://www.csx.com.ky). You do not need a listing agent for a secondary listing of a fund.
  2. Contact us: Our staff will be pleased to discuss with you and your advisers the interpretation of our listing requirements at any time during the listing process. We encourage you to contact us at an early stage to discuss any potential concerns.
  3. Submit a draft listing document: To initiate the listing process, your listing agent must submit a draft listing document for our review and comment. We encourage the electronic submission of listing documents. The document must demonstrate compliance with the CSX’s listing rules. Please note that we do not have investment restrictions or minimum capitalisation requirements.
  4. Document review: Our staff will complete their initial review of your listing document as soon as possible, and will send your listing agent their comments by email within five (5) working days of receiving the document.
  5. Submit further drafts as necessary: After you and your listing agent have addressed the comments our staff sends you and have submitted a revised draft of the listing document, our staff will review the revised draft as soon as possible and will send your listing agent any further comments within three (3) working days of receiving the revisions.
  6. Approval to list: When the listing document is in final form, the Listing Department will present your listing application to the Listing Committee. The Listing Committee will evaluate all submitted materials and decide whether to approve your application to list. Once the Listing Committee has approved your application to list, you may publish and circulate the listing document.
  7. Listing: The Exchange will list the securities once they have been issued. Our staff will post details of the securities, including the fund’s NAV and description, on the Exchange’s Daily Official List and on the Exchange’s dedicated pages on the Bloomberg system. We include the Daily Official List on the CSX website and publish it once every week in two local newspapers.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.