Special Agent Harold D Wankel, Chief of Operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration of the United States Department of Justice has openly commended the Cayman Islands to the US House of Representatives' Banking and Financial Services Committee.

He told the Committee:

"In Operation Green Ice......the Cayman Islands and the United States co-operated together to expose the financial infrastructure of the Cali Mafia. During the first phase of Operation Green Ice, over $50 million in cash and property were seized and almost 200 people were arrested world-wide, including seven of Cali's top money managers."

A Cayman Islands Government spokesperson said in response to Special Agent Wankel's statement:

"The Cayman Islands was happy to cooperate with Operation Green Ice. Special Agent Wankel's statement to the US House of Representatives proves that offshore centres can and do work well with world-wide law enforcement agencies against economic crimes.

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