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By Nicola Broadhurst
The Payment Services Regulations amends and sits alongside the existing Consumer Rights Regulations 2012.
By Charlotte Tillett, Kate Maguire
Following a period of negotiations between the UK and the EU Commission, a draft Withdrawal Agreement on the UK's exit from the European Union was published on 19 March 2018.
By Kerry Garcia
A recent High Court decision in judicial review proceedings emphasises the importance of ensuring that the Resident Labour Test is carried out correctly.
By Kerry Garcia
As the Brexit deal begins, ever so slowly, to take shape, the UK Government has made welcome concessions on the position of EU migrants already in the UK ...
By David Steinberg
Pre-packaged administration sales have aroused the interest, opprobrium and ire of many a politician and the press in recent times.
By Kate Schmit, Sarah Balchin
Late on Wednesday 4 April, HMRC published Employment Related Securities Bulletin No 27 which notes that State Aid approval for the grant of enterprise management incentive ...
By Beverley Whittaker
The new European Commission Vertical Agreements Block Exemption Regulation and accompanying guidelines, are now in force (although there will be a transitional period until 31 May 2011 for pre-existing agreements that complied with the old block exemption).
By Michael Frisby
By Paul Lambdin, Paul Lambdin, Paul Lambdin
By Paul Lambdin, Paul Lambdin
By Richard King, Richard King