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By Tal Band
A recent precedential decision, issued by the Compensation and Royalties Committee ("the Committee"), in a case in which our firm represented a leading Israeli company...
By Shoshana Gavish, Nathaniel Lavi
The Appellant claimed that in practice, central and municipal government authorities enable the engagement of contractors that employ foreign employees.
By Shoshana Gavish
•Increase in Minimum Wage – As of December 2017, minimum wage was increased to 5,300 NIS per month and 28.49 NIS per hour.
By Tal Band, Dovev Apel
Interested in Patent Term Extensions for medical device in Israel? Be ready for prompt action
By Shoshana Gavish
In terms of denouncing such statement and transferring the onus to the company to prove that its decision was not based on prohibited considerations, the judgement was predictable.
By Shoshana Gavish, Ophir Kaplan
There is no importance for this purpose whether the non-compete was paid exactly in the end of the employment relationship or at a later point of time. However, the employee has the right to try refuting this presumption.
By Shoshana Gavish
As a result, employers whose employees start competing businesses or go to work for a competitor are generally reluctant to file claims, unless they can substantiate a breach of a concrete additional employee obligation.
By Leor Nouman
In this brochure, we will review some of the recent changes in the Israeli tax field that may impact on the taxation of both Israeli and non-Israeli individuals and corporations.
By Leor Nouman
On December 22, 2016, the Israeli Parliament enacted new legislation as part of approving selected chapters of the economy policy program and the government budget for the years 2017 and 2018...
By Leor Nouman
The current wording of section 1 of the ITO provides that a body of persons would be deemed an Israeli resident if it was either incorporated in Israel or if its business is managed and controlled in Israel.
By Shoshana Gavish
Whistleblowers often claim that they were dismissed due to their whistleblowing activities and are therefore entitled to the special statutory compensation intended to protect whistleblowers.
By Leor Nouman
As to the Holdback Payments, the Circular reflects an approach that is similar to the approach applied in the Tax Decision.
By Leor Nouman
On February 12, 2017, the Israeli government approved a new bill, proposing amendments to Chapter E2 of the Income Tax Ordinance (New Version), 1961, which deal with tax reliefs for restructuring and merger transactions.
By Shoshana Gavish
The Labour Court recently ruled that employers have a duty to inform prospective employees that the job that is offered to them is temporary and could be terminated at the end of a brief period, irrespective of their performance.
By Tal Band
The Supreme Court allowed an appeal filed by The Manufacturers Association of Israel, but denied that filed by Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp., thereby determining that MSD's patent term extension for ezetimibe has expired.