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By Amanda Barraza de Wong
Siendo Panamá una jurisdicción cuyo sistema impositivo se basa en el Principio de Territorialidad, cuya economía gira en torno a los servicios financieros, legales, logísticos… qué política debe tener con respecto al capital extranjero?
By Amanda Barraza de Wong
With Panama being a jurisdiction whose tax system is based on the Principle of Territoriality, and whose economy revolves around financial, legal and logistic services… what policy should it have...
By Albalira Montufar
Panamá se ha convertido en un destino popular para emigrar en la región, debido a su crecimiento económico y estabilidad sociopolítica, que contrasta con las intrincadas condiciones de otros países vecinos.
By Albalira Montufar
Panama has become a popular destination to immigrate in the region, due to its economic growth and socio-political stability, which contrasts with other neighboring countries´ intricate conditions.
El incumplimiento de dichas medidas acarrea para la empresa multas que pueden llegar hasta B/. 1,000,000.00.
Failure to comply with said measures may cause penalties of up to US$1,000,000.00.
By Ricardo Aleman
The International Labor Organization (ILO) defines sexual harassment as "any conduct of unwanted sexual nature that, according to the reasonable perception of the recipient...
By Alvaro Tomas
Faced with the impossible task of negotiating the signing of a treaty to avoid double taxation between Panama and Colombia, I would like to clarify my position in opposing the signing of any such agreement...
By Giselle Moncada
The possibility of buying real estate rests normally on the capacity of an individual or company to acquire debt, reason why credit entities play an essential role in the success of the real estate market.
By Eduardo Morgan Jr.
It seeks to eliminate competition of countries like Panama, to their financial centers.
By Alvaro Tomas
This Article is a slap in the face to the members of the private club called OECD and the reason Panama must continue to defend its financial services platform.
Article 710 of the Tax Code, which regulates all matters pertaining to the filing of sworn income tax statements by taxpayers, for income earned during the previous tax year, stipulates that:
The Official Gazette publishes the regulatory decree for Article 13 of Law 80 of 2012, which grants incentives for the development of tourist activity in Panama
By Alvaro Tomas, Carlos González Ramírez
We all know that Panama has a privileged geographical position, nestled between the two America's and a stone's throw away from the Caribbean.
By Eduardo Morgan Jr.
This past January 12, Taiwan held its parliamentary elections. In said elections, President Chen Shui Bian's Democratic Progressive Party, which advocates the independence of Taiwan and its participation as an independent State in the United Nations, suffered a catastrophic electoral defeat