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Wolf Theiss
By Radoslav Mikov, Anna Rizova, Oleg Temnikov
On 07 February 2018, the Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission ("CPC") initiated Competition Advocacy proceedings in relation to the recently proposed amendments to the Bulgarian Energy Act...
By Taras Dumych
On 6 February 2018 the Ukrainian Parliament adopted a long-awaited Law "On Limited Liability Companies and Additional Liability Companies" No. 4666 (the "Law").
By Anna Rizova, Rebeka Kleytman
Protection of employees which was given strong support by Bulgarian Parliament led to difficulties in closing M&A transactions.
By Radoslav Mikov, Anna Rizova, Oleg Temnikov
On 22 January 2018 the Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission ("CPC") announced that it opened a sector inquiry into the electricity markets in Bulgaria.
By Anna Rizova, Hristina Dzhevlekova
On 1 January 2018 important amendments to the Ordinance on working time, breaks and holidays (the 'Ordinance') concerning the summarized calculation of the working time ('SCWT') entered into force.
By Anna Rizova, Oleg Temnikov
On 3 January 2018, a new Law for Amendment and Supplementation ("New Law") of the Competition Protection Act ("CPA") was published in the Bulgarian Official Gazette.
By Monika Gaczkowska, Klaudia Dabrowska
On Monday, January 15th, 2018, in the Column Hall of the Polish Parliament, the Ministry of Digitalization organized a meeting to summarize the public consultations on the package of legislative changes...
By Katerina Kraeva, Rebeka Kleytman
Under Bulgarian law, an enterprise pledge is a form of floating charge over all assets forming part of the enterprise.
By Paulina Przewoznik
In July 2016 the Polish Minister of Finance proposed the Capital Development Program; a comprehensive plan for developing a voluntarily funded pension system with long term saving products in Poland.
By Bryan W. Jardine, Ligia Popescu, Andreea Zvac
On 22 December 2017, the Romanian Government published in the Romanian Official Gazette no. 1022 the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 107/2017 ("GEO 107/2017"), which provides for significant changes to the procurement laws ...
By Laura Tjaša Štruc
The application for registrations of beneficial owners is now operational. Deadline to register beneficial owners is 19 January 2018.
By Birgit Kraml
The new Austrian government was sworn in on December 18, 2017 and thereby also presented its government program which deals, among other things, with real estate law.
By Manfred Essletzbichler, Silvia Fessl, Sebastian Oberzaucher, Ingrid Makarius
Ab dem 1.1.2018 treten für Vergabeverfahren neue Schwellenwerte in Kraft. Diese wurden nun am 19.12.2017 im Amtsblatt der Europäischen Union (L 337) veröffentlicht.
By Tomasz Stasiak, Robert Gorbaszewicz vel Gabrylewicz
In September 2017, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development announced a project with the goal of modifying specific laws concerning the real estate investment process (project no. UD300).
By Katarína Bieliková, Vladimíra Roštárová
Earlier this year, National Council of the Slovak Republic passed the Act No. 90/2017 Coll. (the "Amendment") amending and supplementing the Act No. 79/2015 Coll. on Waste, as amended (the "Act on Waste").
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