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Schubertring 6
By Oksana Volynets
The end of winter brought a number of measures promoted by the National Bank of Ukraine (the "NBU") and aimed at easing and deregulating exchange control regulations.
By Ileana Glodeanu
The Romanian Senate adopted a draft law regarding the "electronic headquarters of economic operators" (the "Draft Law").
By Grzegorz Skowroński, Magdalena Nowak
Developers initially claimed that the government's concerns about the market were misplaced and its pro-consumer approach would negatively influence their business.
By Birgit Kraml, Peter Oberlechner
Since the digital age began, models for computing the rent for retail spaces have remained basically unchanged: lease agreements provide for a base rent while high-traffic locations...
By Katarína Bieliková, Róbert Miko
By 2016, interest rates set by the European Central Bank reached historic lows. For this reason, a mortgage loan has become a more common way of financing the purchase of real estate.
By Birgit Kraml
Elektronische Aktenführung hat auch in den Verwaltungsverfahren Einzug gefunden und unter anderem zu einer Verfahrensbeschleunigung beigetragen.
By Georg Kresbach, Eva Heil
It is an open question whether the new warranty law should be used for stationary trade as well.
By Clemens Trauttenberg, Venus Wong
Arbitration is becoming more efficient and transparent and less expensive thanks to recent revisions to the ICC Rules of Arbitration.
By Richard Clegg, Nikoleta Ratcheva
On 2 January 2017, amendments to the Bulgarian Commerce Act (the "Act") entered into force in Bulgaria.
By Manfred Essletzbichler, Sebastian Oberzaucher, Wolfgang Lauchner
Der Begutachtungsentwurf für das Bundesvergabegesetz 2017 ("BVergG"), mit dem das EU-Richtlinienpaket 2014 (siehe ABl Nr. L 94 vom 28.3.2014) nun (endlich) umgesetzt werden soll, liegt nun vor.
By Taras Dumych, Olga Ivlyeva
Ukrainian competition law and practice continues to improve.
By Ileana Glodeanu, Adrian Ster
If the preliminary research suggests that the evolution of the price may be traced to anticompetitive conduct by either public or private entities, the Competition Council may launch a full investigation in order to determine the reasons for this price evolution.
By Holger Bielesz
The EU Regulation No 655/2014 of 15 May 2014 established a European Account Preservation Order. The Regulation became applicable as of 18 January 2017 within the EU except for the United Kingdom and Denmark .
By Naida Čustović, Jasmin Omerdic
The Constitutional Court of FBiH has found that the current order of settlement of workers' claims in bankruptcy proceedings is unconstitutional.
By Katerina Kraeva, Rebeka Kleytman
Almost two decades after being adopted following the model of the World Bank and UNCITRAL for non-possessory registered pledges, the Special Pledges Act was substantially amended at the end of 2016.
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