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By Taras Dumych, Olga Ivlyeva
Ukrainian competition law and practice continues to improve.
By Ileana Glodeanu, Adrian Ster
If the preliminary research suggests that the evolution of the price may be traced to anticompetitive conduct by either public or private entities, the Competition Council may launch a full investigation in order to determine the reasons for this price evolution.
By Holger Bielesz
The EU Regulation No 655/2014 of 15 May 2014 established a European Account Preservation Order. The Regulation became applicable as of 18 January 2017 within the EU except for the United Kingdom and Denmark .
By Naida Čustović, Jasmin Omerdic
The Constitutional Court of FBiH has found that the current order of settlement of workers' claims in bankruptcy proceedings is unconstitutional.
By Katerina Kraeva, Rebeka Kleytman
Almost two decades after being adopted following the model of the World Bank and UNCITRAL for non-possessory registered pledges, the Special Pledges Act was substantially amended at the end of 2016.
By Ileana Glodeanu, Luminita Gheorghe
The High Court of Justice of Romania established in Decision no.34/2016, published in the Official Monitor no.18 dated 9 January 2017...
By Ileana Glodeanu, Luminita Gheorghe
Înalta Curte de Casatie și Justiție a stabilit prin Decizia nr. 34/2016 publicată în Monitorul Oficial nr.18 din 9 ianuarie 2017 că un angajator va putea comunica în mod valabil decizia...
By Matthias Fucik
On 29 June 2016, the Austrian Supreme Administrative Court ruled that tax losses of foreign group members have to be calculated on the basis of an opening balance sheet set up...
By Bernhard Oreschnik
On 15 October 2016, the Austrian Constitutional Court held that the Austrian gambling monopoly does not infringe upon the freedom to provide services under art.
By Cynthia Pfister
From an Austrian point of view, partnerships are deemed to be transparent vehicles, meaning that capital gains emanating from the alienation are to be attributed to the German partners.
By Eva Stadler
The Swiss Rubik Agreement was repealed with effect as of 1 January 2017.
By Bryan W. Jardine
The European Commission has been preparing a technical communication focusing on waste to energy (WtE) aiming to explore the opportunities it offers....
By Samra Hadžović, Ilma Kasumagic
The law on financial business activities in FBiH (law) aims at protecting and improving the position of small and medium-sized enterprises acting as creditors in financial transactions.
By Ciprian Glodeanu
In a shift in green energy policy in Romania, the mandatory RES-Electricity quota benefiting from the green certificate support scheme was approved yesterday by the government.
By Samra Hadžović, Naida Čustović
New Law in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina aims to regulate protection of merchants from prohibited advertising.
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