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By Michael Leahy
There is an old saying: "If you come at the King, you'd best not miss." The unspoken addendum to the sentence is "or you undoubtedly will be killed yourself."
By Brad Hughes
In Lawson et al. v. Safeway Inc. et al., (Case No. A125209) the California Court of Appeal (First Appellate District) affirmed a jury verdict in favor of plaintiffs and held that the driver of a legally parked tractor-trailer truck owes a duty of care to those injured in an accident when the tractor-trailer truck obstructs the vision of other motorists.
By Ann Liroff
In Indergard v Georgia-Pacific Corp., the Ninth Circuit reversed summary judgment for the employer, finding that the comprehensive physical capacity examination Plaintiff was required to undergo upon returning to work after knee surgery was a "medical examination" under the Americans With Disabilities Act ("ADA").