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By Katherine Hudson
The case provides guidance for liquidators as to the appropriate exercise to conduct when deciding whether the threshold of 25% in value of creditor claims has been reached...
By Neil Smyth
An administrator was appointed over a company out of court and the administration extended on a handful of occasions.
By Neil Smyth
The court was prepared to provide for immediate release of administrators from office and to wind up a company without presentation of a petition.
By Anne Springob LL.M.
A recent judgment (German FCJ, 10 September 2015, IX ZR 215/13) deals with the question whether the recipient of a payment may be subject to a clawback claim if he returned the received amount...
By Laura Manson
It is a criminal offence to continue trading using the name of a company which has gone into insolvent liquidation (a prohibited name).
By Nick Moser
Eight years ago, Nortel Networks Inc. and many affiliates filed multiple insolvency proceedings, across Europe, the US, and Canada.
By Taylor Wessing
2016 was another busy year for data protection so we are just highlighting some of the main events in 2016. You can see our full data protection and cybersecurity news archive on our Global Data Hub.
By James Marshall
Recent experience in the UK Patents Court has shown that the validity of patents for genuine inventions in the telecommunications field will be upheld and infringement found...
By Ilse Werts
On 30 November 2016 the Dutch District Court in The Hague has ruled in the case of printer cartridges, Hewlett-Packard v Benson Image et al.
By Taylor Wessing
The UK Patents Court (Birss J) has recently heard the trial of the FRAND licence royalty case in Unwired Planet v Huawei & Samsung and a written decision is expected in early 2017 unless the case settles.
By Chris Thornham
This was a practice management decision on 12 October 2016 by Mr Justice Birss relating to disclosure obligations of defendants.
By Chris Thornham, Paul England
The UK government has recently indicated that it backs the UPC and Unitary Patent. That has ended some speculation about how or whether the UK would participate...
By Taylor Wessing
Paul England discusses what recent events tell us about the intended role of the life sciences sector in the post-Brexit economy.
By Taylor Wessing
Whilst still in its infancy, the effects of the Modern Slavery Act are now starting to emerge.
By Taylor Wessing
Vicarious liability is a common law principle of strict, no-fault liability for wrongs committed by another person.
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