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By Kelly Salt, Lutfi Kharuf
Community Facilities Districts formed by a landowner vote may be used to finance increased demand on pre-existing services, a California Appellate Court has held.
By Paula C. P. de Sousa Mills, Matthew Collins
In a move that could have significant implications for water purveyors, residential developers, and landlords and tenants throughout California, Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed Senate Bill 7 into law.
By Kimberly Byrens, John Rottschaefer
Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. have created a present day difficult situation as a result of the budget process in 2010.
By Ethan Walsh
For cities and counties across California, one of the most daunting tasks of 2012 has been starting the wind-down of redevelopment.
By Eric Garner, Jeffrey Dunn, Jill Willis
In a significant victory for public water suppliers in California, a state appellate court largely upheld the trial court in a historic groundwater case involving communities along the Central Coast.
By Matthew Schettenhelm
A wireless service provider wants to put a new cell tower in your city. A vocal segment of the community is outraged.
By Isabel Safie
At a time when many public agencies in California are vulnerable to significant budget cuts and even bankruptcy, the pension reform measures in AB 340 are perceived by many to be too little, too late.
By Franklin Adams
In the face of ever-dwindling revenues and, in spite of the increase in cities filing for Chapter 9 protection in California and across nation, most municipalities would still prefer to avoid the formal filing of bankruptcy.
By Charity Schiller
As environmental regulations continue to evolve in California, cities, counties and other public agencies have an opportunity to streamline environmental review for key infrastructure, transit and other projects.
By Grover Trask
Cities, counties, schools and special districts in California are fortunate that citizens step to the plate every year to run and serve in public office.
By Kelly Salt
In the first appellate decision on Proposition 26, a California court of appeal has upheld a city ordinance authorizing fees to implement annual inspections of all residential rental properties within city limits.
By Eric Garner
It has become almost cliche to say that water is the "next oil," but the big difference between oil and water is that, if we have to, we can live without oil.
By Michelle Ouellette
The California Supreme Court has issued its first California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) decision this year.
By Gail Karish
Broadband communications are important to local communities.
By G. Ross Trindle
Local governments continue to weather the fallout from the worst economic crisis in eighty years. Service reductions and layoffs have become common in an effort to balance budgets.