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By Jacqueline Moore
Despite evidence submitted to the MAC highlighting the unpopularity of the Tier 2 sponsorship system, it recommends that sponsorship continue.
By Paul Carlyle
A properly functioning secondary ticket market benefits fans by providing access to tickets for the events they want to see, and in turn helps purchasers sell on tickets they can no longer use.
By Sarah Channin
In early September, the Scottish Government outlined its Programme for Government 2018/19 in a document entitled, ‘Delivering for today, investing for tomorrow' - setting out its key objectives and spending commitments ...
By Gordon Downie
A whistle-blower had alerted Eurasian to allegations of corruption, fraud and bribery within its group and it had undertaken investigations.
By Gareth Parry, John Grady
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published its final report in its Heat Networks Market Study on 29 July 2018.
By Emma Robertson, Hamish Lean
As part of their research on the sustainable use of land and natural resources, the James Hutton Institute has published its report prepared for the Scottish Land Commission, entitled ...
By Hamish Lean, Emma Robertson
While the UK Government remain confident a ‘no-deal' Brexit is unlikely, it will continue to issue briefing notes outlining what and who would be affected in a no deal scenario.
By Katie Russell, Neil Maclean, Elouisa Crichton
Restrictive covenants seek to limit the ability of employees, typically senior ones, to work or carry out certain actions for a specific period after their employment is terminated.
By Kirsteen Milne, Kevin Clancy
Construction is dangerous business. Whilst the number of deaths has decreased in recent years, in 2017-2018 there were 38 construction worker fatalities across the UK ...
By Katie Russell, Elouisa Crichton, Neil Maclean
All employers who were required to publish a Gender Pay Gap Report for the financial year 2017-2018 have now done so.
By Gordon Downie
Given the substantial financial penalties imposed by the UK's economic regulators it is surprising that, unlike competition law enforcement cases, very few regulatory enforcement cases have ever been the subject of contested proceedings.
By George Frier, Louisa Knox
On 12 July, following an extended cabinet meeting at Chequers, the UK Government published its white paper setting out its preferred view of what Britain's future relationship with the EU
By Paul Carlyle
Two significant events this week raised eyebrows in the lucrative world of live sports broadcasting.
By Iain Drummond
In North Midland Building Ltd v Cyden Homes Ltd, the Court of Appeal held that an express contractual term allowing an employer to levy liquidated damages for periods of concurrent delay
By Paul Carlyle
Two significant events this week raised eyebrows in the lucrative world of live sports broadcasting.
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