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By Claire Stockford
In 2015 Google changed its corporate motto from "Don't be evil" to "Do the right thing".
By Natasha Durkin
The new lobbying rules in Scotland do not just apply to professional lobbyists.
By Eben Wilson
In the third of a series of articles, political economist Eben Wilson (St Andrews) explores how law can support economic principle in the world of big data to help protect consumers.
By Gordon Downie
In a world in which personal data is increasingly held, and indeed generated by, third parties (social media firms, financial institutions and utilities) ...
By Peter Misselbrook
The National Council of Rural Advisers (NCRA) has released a consultation paper entitled A Rural Conversation: ‘Together We Can, Together We Will.
By Ann Stewart
From 27 June 2018, communities will have a new power to buy land that is either abandoned or neglected, or is detrimental to the environmental wellbeing of the community, even if the owner of the land...
By John MacKenzie
In the knowledge economy it seems obvious that intellectual property is the backbone of most businesses.
By Eben Wilson
In the fourth of a series of short articles, economist Eben Wilson (St Andrews) expands on how by having a Private Identity Act that creates personal ownership of data plus Private Identity Banks that look after our data could prevent undue encroachment of intrusive digital platforms into our lives while leaving them with the commercial freedom to add value.
By Kevin Clancy
What can be observed is that a business asserting it has an 'ethical culture' is not going to be sufficient in the absence of any evidence to support that claim.
By Hamish Lean
The Scottish Government has launched its consultation on its proposals for a rural funding transition period post Brexit
By Joanna Boag-Thomson, Ashley McLean, Paul Carlyle
On 27 June 2018, Ticketmaster informed potentially affected customers that malicious software had been identified on a customer support product hosted by a third-party supplier
By Gordon Downie
There seem to be two broad strands developing in the debate.
By Adam Bushnell
The story begins in July 2016, when Justin Goldman was walking in the streets of New York City. Goldman spotted American football quarterback Tom Brady meeting with the Boston Celtics manager.
By Annemaree McDonoguh
What a difference a few months makes. In April the press was full of the possibility that Paris Saint Germain might be found guilty of breaching the financial fair play allegations and face the possibility that ...
By Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP
In July 2019, the Scottish Parliament will celebrate the 20th anniversary of assuming its first tranche of devolved powers.
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