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By Sandra Camilleri
Article explains the new notifiable breaches scheme, to whom it applies, what is required in the event of a breach etc.
By Sandra Camilleri
Article discusses the benefits of registering your trade mark in various jurisdictions.
By Clayton Payne
The employer faced a successful unfair dismissal claim when he did not follow a procedurally fair disciplinary process.
By Ari McCamley
This Bill could change the relationships between landholders and resource companies seeking access to private land.
By Alex Ramsey
The adoption of the National Firearms Agreement and a QCAT decision led to changes in the licensing regime for handguns.
By Ari McCamley
The Nature Conservation Act is due for review in 2018, when landholders should be able to present other alternatives.
By Peter Kenny
This case has important ramifications in the agricultural sector, where land is often transferred on an informal basis.
By Hannah Byrne
There's never been a better time for primary producers to consider the options for succession of the family businesses.
By Julian Troy
New and additional penalties for unlicensed building work could include imprisonment or a hefty fine for repeat offences.
By Clayton Payne
Valenzuela decision highlights that employers must seriously consider any potential dismissal based on serious misconduct.
By Clayton Payne
Employer endorsed Christmas functions can be enjoyable, but the activities of some staff may be of concern to employers.
By Margaret McNamara
A statutory will is a will ordered by a Judge for a person who does not have the testamentary capacity to make a will.
By Julian Troy
The High Court will decide the question of whether adjudicators decisions are open for review (can appeal to a court).
By Clayton Payne
The decision could have a significant impact, particularly on employers who have substantially casualised workforces.
By Ari McCamley
Until the law is more certain, the extent to which landholders can insist on privacy from drones remains open to debate.
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