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By Peter Kenny
If Queensland Rail discovers a private road crossing, it will ask the landowner to enter into a agreement for access.
By Alex Ramsey
Banned in 1937, but slowly deregulated, the production of cannabis and its by-product, hemp, has steadily increased.
By Alex Ramsey
Primary producers need to demonstrate an "occupational requirement" and "genuine need" to hold a licence for handguns.
By Peter Mills
This article examines how the Personal Property Securities Act (PPS) can be a useful tool for succession planning.
By Ari McCamley
The current Vegetation Management framework is focussed more on retention of trees than on broader environmental outcomes.
By Alex Ramsey, Brianna Hockey
The Great Artesian Basin Strategic Management Plan is a strategy to regulate groundwater from the Great Artesian Basin.
By Hannah Barbour
The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) is reviewing the accepted development clearing codes.
By Clayton Payne
Article outlines obligations of employers to offer to change the employ of certain casual staff to a more permanent status.
By Michael Mayes, Morgan Healey
When drafting special conditions for lease incentives, lawyers should be aware of this method to determine adjustments.
By Peter Mills
Unless you take suitable steps, your PPS registration may automatically expire and you will lose rights in the assets.
By Margaret McNamara
Article highlights several reasons why it is important to have a valid Will.
By Ari McCamley
The Vegetation Management Act must be comprehensively reviewed to better balance grazing needs and environmental values.
By Hannah Barbour
These changes aim to ensure that potential Australian bidders have an opportunity to participate in the sale process.
By Peter Mills
Farmers and graziers should consider a "PPS Act audit" to understand, verify and protect their rights over assets.
By Alex Ramsey
Rising electricity prices and political changes have produced an increase in renewable energy projects across Queensland.
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