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By Mark Winn, Jessica Carroll
The article considers protection afforded to directors by section 440J during administration, in light of this decision.
By Tim Quirk, Evan Leong
This case clarifies the roles of a certifier and a local council in granting demolition approval for a character house.
By Clayton Payne
If the employment lasts for a reasonable period of time, it could provide certain rights and entitlements to the worker.
By Jessica Carroll
Businesses should review their standard form contracts for unfair terms to ensure they do not fall foul of the new laws.
By Clayton Payne
The festive activities of staff at employer endorsed Christmas functions should be of concern to employers.
By Ari McCamley
The laws that govern interactions between resource authority holders and landholders have changed with this legislation.
By Clayton Payne
The notice provisions in the Act can probably be regarded merely as a minimum entitlement to be provided to an employee.
By Karen Gaston, Penny Loel
The variation clarifies the application of the Foreign Resident Capital Gains Tax Withholding Regime to deceased estates.
By Clayton Payne
The Commission will look at all the circumstances of a case, as are relevant, to determine whether a dismissal is unfair.
By Clayton Payne
Parties before the Fair Work Commission generally bear their own costs, but this case shows that this is not always so.
By Clayton Payne
This decision may impact on employers in situations when long term casual employees transition to permanent employment.
By Clayton Payne
This decision would impact employers, particularly when long term casual employees transition to permanent employment.
By Michael Fisher, Matthew Hockaday
A clause to cancel a scheduled cruise and forfeit all fares paid was an "unfair term" under the Australian Consumer Law.
By Tim Quirk
These are two vital steps for a body corporate that wishes to commence an appeal or join in an appeal with the P&E Court.
By Ari McCamley
The Queensland Government recognises the importance of tax-effective pathways for succession planning on family farms.
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