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By Satu-Anneli Kauranen
The Ministry of Employment and Economy and the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority organized a joint expert seminar on 27th May 2014.
By Ari Keinänen, Emma Grönroos
Amendments will be made to the Act on the Monitoring of Foreign Corporate Acquisitions in Finland (172/2012).
By Mira Holmberg
The General Conditions for Consulting ("KSE 2013"), which are applied to planning and construction contracts, were renewed in February 2014.
By Hanna Vuoria
Finland’s extensive legislative proposal regarding among other acts the Act on Non-discrimination will affect employers operating in the private sector.
By Meri-Tuuli Vuotari
In Finland the Code of Real Estate includes provisions concerning the sale of real estate, liens and a registering system.
By Antti Karanko
The Court of Appeals in Vaasa, Finland dismissed bribery charges brought against a manager of Wärtsilä Group.
By Olli Nikitin
Directive 2013/50/EU amending the current Transparency Directive was adopted at the end of October (the "New Transparency Directive).
By Hanna Vuoria
The CJEU found incompatible with EU legislation a Finnish collective agreement provision, according to which a pregnant employee who interrupts a period of unpaid parental leave to take a maternity leave does not benefit from the maintenance of the remuneration to which she would have been entitled had that period of maternity leave been preceded by a period of resumption of work.
By Arttu Mentula
The extensive asphalt cartel trial in Finland attracted the interest of the European Commission and the other EU Member States.
By Veli Siitonen
The Securities Market Association has published a new Helsinki Takeover Code, which entered into effect on 1 January 2014, relevant for all parties involved in public takeover bids, including bidders, target companies and their advisors.
By Risto Riikonen
Groups' bankruptcies have increased in recent years in Finland, and several companies that have declared bankruptcy share a common owner.
By Meri-Tuuli Vuotari
An employee's obligations towards his or her employer generally terminate when their em-ployment relationship terminates, unless the parties specifically agree otherwise.
By Sakari Aalto, Petra Liesvirta
The Directive on Consumer Rights (2011/83/EC) will replace the Directive on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts (97/7/EC) and the Directive to protect consumer in respect of contracts negotiated away from business premises (85/577/EEC) as of 13 June 2014.
By Mira Holmberg
In November, the Finnish Parliament approved Government Bill 84/2013 on the Amendment of Land Use and Building Act (the "Amendment" and the "LBA", respectively).
By William Sjoberg
A new Co-operatives Act will come into effect in Finland on 1 January 2014.
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