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By Paul-Erik Veel
While class actions can be a useful tool for access to justice, there are limits to the types of claims that can be appropriately advanced through class proceedings.
By Matthew B. Lerner, Kate Costin
An invalid termination clause is a former employee's golden ticket for employment litigation, increasing a notice period from the statutory minimum to what is reasonable at common law.
By Scott Rollwagen
The law of contracts has been around for a very, very long time.
By Paul-Erik Veel
As I have observed before, class actions are expensive for defendants and resource-intensive for the justice system.
By Paul-Erik Veel
Given Quebec's unique civil law regime, we seldom blog about legal developments in Quebec. However, sometimes decisions of Quebec courts have broader relevance outside of Quebec...
By Paul-Erik Veel, Chris Kinnear Hunter
Given the expansive discovery rights available under US law, plaintiffs may be tempted to try to use those rights in pursuit of proceedings under Canadian law.
By Mariam Moktar
In an age where individuals catalogue almost every aspect of their lives on some form of social media, the obligation to disclose all relevant documents in the context of civil litigation can seem both onerous and invasive.
By Paul-Erik Veel, Andrew Skodyn
The intersection of intellectual property law and competition law is an area that gains greater significance with each passing year.
By Andrew Parley, Laurel D. Hogg
Settlement in multi-party litigation is to be encouraged, as confirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada in Sable Offshore Energy Inc v Ameron International Corp.
By Sean Blakeley
Until recently, there was some uncertainty as to whether, in some circumstances, the decisions of private organizations might be subject to judicial review.
By Rebecca Jones
When is the government entitled to act without the possibility of liability or subsequent second-guessing by the Courts?
By Margaret Robbins
To what extent can, or should, courts review decisions by government decision-makers? Administrative law is all about finding the right balance.
By Risa Kirshblum
When one person negligently causes an accident, the law is clear about their responsibility.
By Shara N. Roy, Paul-Erik Veel, Chris Kinnear Hunter
Ontario's new legislation governing international commercial arbitration, the International Commercial Arbitration Act, 2017, came into force on March 22, 2017, replacing the International Commercial Arbitration Act previously in place.
By Shara N. Roy
A recent decision of the Ontario Divisional Court upheld a contractually agreed-upon limitation period and enforced it against a third party, even in circumstances where it appeared to be at odds with...