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By Bob Wagner, Art Silbergeld
The U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 985, the "Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act," on March 9, 2017. The bill would add eight new sections to the "Consumer Class Action Bill of Rights..."
By Matthew Hafter, Diane Romza-Kutz, Fredric Roth V, Kimberly Bousquet
One of the authors of this piece uses a medical device that is wirelessly networked to the device's vendor.
By Jeffrey Brown
In California, commercial lease tenants typically pay a portion of the common area maintenance expenses or "CAM."
By Thad Leach, Milada Goturi
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS) Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol (SRDP) outlines a process for providers to disclose to CMS potential or actual violations of the Stark law.
By Jason Schwent
Ever since being finalized in July of 2016, the EU-US Privacy Shield has faced considerable criticism.
By Jason Schwent, Clayton Zak
While under attack for several years now, the patent infringement defense of laches was dealt a serious, and likely final, blow by the recent Supreme Court case of SCA Hygiene Products AB et al. v. First Quality Baby Products LLC et al.
By Mark Mattingly, Matthew Hafter
The 2nd Circuit recently heard oral argument in Whalen v. Michael Stores, Inc., No. 16-260, a data breach case involving credit card data.
By Mark Mattingly, Matthew Hafter
In a recent post, we discussed how plaintiff class members who have not suffered financial harm as a result of a data breach face challenges meeting the Article III standing requirement...
By Diane Romza-Kutz
The Food and Drug Administration's new Sanitary Transport of Human and Animal Food Rule takes effect on April 6, 2017
By Kevin Young, Diane Romza-Kutz, Emily Jenkinson
On March 23, 2017, the DEA announced it has scheduled the newly approved synthetic THC-containing drug, Syndros, as a Class II substance.
By Richard Pautler
The latest decision to rely on the influential Halo v. Yale Health Plan decision from the 2nd Circuit adds to a worrisome pattern of courts applying the strictest possible review to lawsuits...
By Brian Hockett
When faced with a recalcitrant debtor, clients sometimes move too quickly to put the debtor into an involuntary bankruptcy, especially when fraudulent transfers become apparent.
By Steven Gorin
Self-employment (SE) tax is one of the driving forces when a tax advisor recommends what type of entity to use for one's business.
By Mark Sableman
As Creative Commons licenses are more widely used, questions are developing about how to use them, and how they apply in particular situations.
By Dale Joerling
What if you offer a sweepstakes and the winner wants to receive only a portion of the prize?
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