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By Jonathan Colombo, Noelle Engle-Hardy
The Canadian Federal Court rarely grants interlocutory injunctions in trademark cases, but for the second time in two years, an interlocutory injunction has been granted, this time in Sleep Country...
By Cynthia Rowden
The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has confirmed that it now plans to implement the amendments to the Trademarks Act in early 2019.
By Daniel Bereskin QC
Initial interest confusion is aimed primarily at regulating the use of keywords in Internet trading, i.e. words typed by a user into the search field of a search engine when looking for specific information...
By Ken Bousfield
In 2016 we discussed a number of interesting patent cases.
By Ken Bousfield
Le Bureau de la concurrence a émis un ensemble de lignes directrices à jour concernant l'application de la Loi sur la concurrence au regard des brevets essentiels au respect des normes.
By Tamara Winegust
The "Request For Assistance" (RFA) program, part of Canada's new border protection regime to combat the import of counterfeit products, celebrated its second anniversary on January 1.
By Noel Courage
McCartney & Lennon, Jobs & Wozniak, Watson & Crick. We are all looking for synergistic collaborations. In life sciences, some of those collaborations may be with your employees, independent contractors or corporate research partners.
By Andrew McIntosh
The Federal Court of Appeal held that in the case of an ongoing, continual tort, each infringing act must be examined separately to determine the relevant limitation period.
By Susan Keri
The decision of the Federal Court of Appeal in Canada in MC Imports Inc. v. Afod Ltd., 2016 FCA 60, provides some much needed guidance for both trademark practitioners and trademark owners ...
By Noel Courage, Herman H. Cheung
Eli Lilly's Canadian patent on treatment of erectile dysfunction with Cialis continues to defy all challengers. A recent appeal case originated from a Notice of Compliance proceeding...
By Ken Bousfield
On January 16, 2017, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) announced changes to practice under Canada's Industrial Design Act.
By Noel Courage
If your company is still relatively new to patenting, here are some tips for smoother sailing.
By Jennifer McKenzie, Catherine Lovrics, Tony Orsi
Since 1997, Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) has been responsible for preclearing consumer directed advertising of non-prescription drugs.
By Paul Horbal
In September of this year, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) issued a notable decision regarding patentable subject matter.
By Ken Bousfield
On November 21, 2016, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit released its decision in Unwired Planet v. Google Inc. concerning the applicability of the "Covered Business Method"...
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