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By Andrea Berenbaum
There has been a significant amount of uncertainty in Canada regarding the patentability of use claims which include dosages and dosage regimens.
By Mina Chana, Wynnie Chan
In Benjamin Moore & CO. Limited v. Home Hardware Stores Limited, 2017 FCA 53 the Federal Court of Appeal granted an appeal of the Federal Court's judgement which had set aside the Opposition Board's decision.
By Catherine Lovrics, Tamara Winegust
You have likely seen the headlines celebrating (some admonishing) Fearless Girl, the strategically placed statue of a determined girl, standing with her hands on her hips in front of the famed Charging Bull statue on New York's Wall Street.
By H. Samuel Frost
It is probably a little appreciated fact that the existing International Searching and Preliminary Examination Authorities were appointed until the end of 2017.
By Ian McMillan, Cameron Gale
Materials from a recent "refresher training" for examiners at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) highlight inconsistencies between CIPO's examination practices and Supreme Court precedent.
By Cynthia Rowden, Susan Keri, Tamara Winegust
Major amendments to the Trademarks Act were passed in 2014, partially to facilitate implementation of the Nice Agreement, the Singapore Treaty and the Madrid Protocol.
By Michael Fenwick
Eli Lilly and Company sued the government as a result of the invalidation, by Canadian courts, of the patents that protected Lilly's drugs Strattera® and Zyprexa®.
By Stephen Beney, Nicholas Aitken
MPHJ Tech v. Ricoh is a 2017 decision of the U.S. Federal circuit, which should caution patent applicants and agents that differences between a provisional and regular filing can have profound effects...
By R. Scott MacKendrick, Anastassia Trifonova
In a recent patent accounting of profits decision of the Federal Court of Appeal in Apotex Inc v ADIR, 2017 FCA 23, the Court emphasized that the profits need to be causally attributable to the invention.
By Carmela DeLuca, Anastassia Trifonova
Therapeutic antibodies have grown to become an important product class within the biopharmaceutical market.
By Mark Robbins, Susan Keri, Cynthia Rowden, R. Scott MacKendrick
Pour rester dans l'esprit de la saison de remise de prix, voici notre sélection dans le domaine des marques de commerce au Canada pour 2016.
By Victor Krichker, Joanna Ma
The U.S. doctrine of willful infringement strikes fear in the hearts of accused infringers.
By Noel Courage, Nicholas Aitken
Many departing employees take company materials with them, such as business information, technical documents, experimental protocols or computer code.
By Amrita Singh, Jerry Chen
In 2016, the Federal government proposed changes to the rules that govern litigation, the Federal Courts issued directions for the conduct of intellectual property litigation and Canadian courts...
By Amrita Singh, Jerry Chen
En 2016, le gouvernement fédéral a proposé des changements aux règles régissant les litiges...
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