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By François Larose
Interlocutory injunctions can be an important litigation tool to remedy situations where quick relief is necessary to prevent damages from infringement.
By Ken Bousfield
Lexmark produced patented printer cartridges. It offered them for sale at a higher price for a single use cartridge, and at a lower price for a cartridge re-fillable by Lexmark. Impression Products...
By Paul Horbal, Ryan De Vries
Blockchain technology is finding more applications every day.
By Meghan Dillon, Tamara Winegust
The cautionary lesson emerging from a rash of Trademark Opposition Board decisions over the past several years is that owners of registrations for services...
By Amanda Branch
It looks like we may have a Happy Cannabis Day by July 2018.
By H. Samuel Frost
In our report of the original decision, we had asked if this was RIP for the On Sale Bar, in the sense that if it no longer covered ‘secret sales', then this reduced On Sale bar adds little to the other...
By Adam Bobker, Laura MacDonald
When considering confusion, does the Trademarks Opposition Board need to consider all potential ways in which an opponents registered word mark may be depicted?
By Stephen Beney, Cameron Gale
Discussions around patent reform often focus on problems allegedly caused by "patent trolls", also referred to as "patent assertion entities" or "non-practicing entities".
By Noel Courage, Herman H. Cheung
Intellectual property strategy is fundamental to the successful development and commercialization of a personalized therapeutic and its companion diagnostic.
By François Larose
Interlocutory injunctions can be an important litigation tool to remedy situations where quick relief is necessary to prevent damages from infringing activity.
By François Larose
L'injonction interlocutoire peut être un outil important pour remédier à des situations où une mesure immédiate est requise afin d'empêcher un dommage résultant d'une contrefaçon.
By Andrea Berenbaum
There has been a significant amount of uncertainty in Canada regarding the patentability of use claims which include dosages and dosage regimens.
By Mina Chana, Wynnie Chan
In Benjamin Moore & CO. Limited v. Home Hardware Stores Limited, 2017 FCA 53 the Federal Court of Appeal granted an appeal of the Federal Court's judgement which had set aside the Opposition Board's decision.
By Catherine Lovrics, Tamara Winegust
You have likely seen the headlines celebrating (some admonishing) Fearless Girl, the strategically placed statue of a determined girl, standing with her hands on her hips in front of the famed Charging Bull statue on New York's Wall Street.
By H. Samuel Frost
It is probably a little appreciated fact that the existing International Searching and Preliminary Examination Authorities were appointed until the end of 2017.
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