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By Micheline Gravelle, Herman H. Cheung
Canada has become the first G7 country to legalize nationwide the purchase and use of recreational cannabis.
By Joshua W. Spicer
Dans son jugement rendu en date du 28 mars 2018[1], la juge Gagné donne l'interprétation la plus récente de la jurisprudence de la Cour fédérale sur l'élaboration des principes régissant...
By Catherine Lovrics, Max Rothschild, Tamara Winegust
Fair dealing in educational contexts has been a hot issue in Canada. Canadian copyright lawyers and scholars have been watching two cases involving Canadian universities that have been making...
By Cynthia Rowden, Sharyn Costin
Recent news about trade disputes and resulting trade disruptions is a reminder of how businesses may need to adapt to rapidly changing economic and political factors by shifting sales and marketing efforts...
By Joshua W. Spicer, Michael Burgess
In Canadian National Railway Co v BNSF Railway Co[1], Justice Locke reaffirmed the importance of pleading material facts to support allegations of patent infringement.
By Max Rothschild, Tamara Winegust
On Thursday June 21st, the Supreme Court of Canada granted leave to appeal in the matter of Keatley Surveying Ltd. v. Teranet Inc. Both the application for leave to appeal and the application for leave...
By Amanda Branch
Santé Canada a publié les premières indications quant aux emballages et aux dispositions sur l'étiquetage relativement à la réglementation proposée.
By Matthew Graff
Le 16 janvier 2017, l'Office de la propriété intellectuelle du Canada (OPIC) a annoncé un changement à sa pratique d'examen des dessins animés générés par ordinateur. En vertu des nouvelles lignes directrices, l'OPIC examinera les dessins animés générés par ordinateur comportant une séquence d'images comme s'il s'agissait d'un dessin unique.
By Joshua W. Spicer, Andrew McIntosh
In Grenke v DNOW Canada ULC,[1] Justice Phelan granted the plaintiffs $7,915,000 in damages for patent infringement relating to oil production equipment.
By Donald Cameron
Ironically, it is not so obvious as to how to apply the Canadian law of obviousness.
By Cynthia Rowden, R. Scott MacKendrick
In late April 2018, Canada's Federal Government announced the launch of a new Intellectual Property Strategy designed to improve awareness of IP by Canadian businesses, and encourage creators...
By Robert B. Storey, Alain Alphonse
Earlier this year the Federal Court of Appeal released a decision showing that, unfortunately, it can.
By Isi Caulder, Paul Blizzard
One of the single largest applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in the area of autonomous vehicles (AV). Many large companies are working in the AV space, including Uber, Waymo...
By François Larose
In the recent 156158 Canada Inc. v. Attorney General of Quebec decision, the Quebec Court of Appeal rejected appeals by defendants from findings of unlawful use of the English language contrary to...
By François Larose
Dans une décision récente, 156158 Canada Inc. c. Procureur général du Québec, la Cour d'appel du Québec a rejeté l'appel de décisions confirmant des utilisations ...
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