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By Noel Courage
Restrictive covenants are a tool sometimes used by innovative companies that want to protect their intellectual property (IP) from leaving with employees.
By Carmela De Luca
Carmela De Luca coauthors article in Molecular Diagnosis & Therapy published by Springer Nature, "Gene Patents in Canada: Is There a New Legal Landscape?"
By Isi Caulder
Competitive technology and industry sector intelligence are critical aspects of maintaining and increasing marketing share for a technology company.
By Isi Caulder
Canadian technology companies often wonder how to best secure and leverage their patent rights globally.
By François Larose
Copyright infringement can be found even without the exact reproduction of the protected work.
By Noel Courage
Homeopathic products are a growing industry. As more products hit the market, and their popularity increases, regulators in the United States and Canada are being asked to help better protect the public.
By François Larose
La violation d'un droit d'auteur ne requiert pas la reproduction exacte de l'œuvre protégée. Elle peut découler d'une imitation de cette œuvre, même si cette imitation résulte d'une inspiration lointaine provenant de son enfance.
By Isi Caulder, Maria Wei
In order to receive valid patent protection, an invention must be novel and inventive.
By Adam Bobker, Paul Blizzard
The Supreme Court of Canada granted leave to appeal the Federal Court of Appeal decision in the Voltage case November 23, 2017.
By Cynthia Rowden
The Canadian Government has committed to legalize and regulate the sale of cannabis products by July 1, 2018.
By Anastassia Trifonova, H. Samuel Frost, Jason Hynes, Joanna Pohl, Ken Bousfield, Patricia Folkins, Robert B. Storey, Stephen Beney
Comme nous en avons déjà discuté le 3 août 2017, l'Office de la propriété intellectuelle du Canada (OPIC) a récemment publié de nouvelles propositions de modifications aux Règles sur les brevets...
By Sanjeevan Shivakuma
Vennego, the owner of a family of registered trademarks ending in "PERKS" brought an action for trademark infringement against Concierge Connections Inc. and its directors for using the registered trademark...
By Anastassia Trifonova, H. Samuel Frost, Jason Hynes, Joanna Pohl, Ken Bousfield, Patricia Folkins, Robert B. Storey, Stephen Beney
Le projet des Règles sur les brevets aborde un certain nombre d'aspects techniques relatifs à la pratique de demande divisionnaire.
By R. Scott MacKendrick, Catherine Lovrics, Tamara Winegust
L'été dernier, la Cour suprême du Canada a confirmé une injonction intimant à Google de délister l'ensemble des sites Web d'un distributeur au niveau mondial et non seulement au Canada.
By Wynnie Chan, Tamara Winegust
Amid a string of changes to the Trademarks Act, food and beverage brand owners should be aware of the potential impact that this new legislation will have on their trademark rights in Canada
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