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By R. Scott MacKendrick, Cynthia Rowden, H. Samuel Frost, Catherine Lovrics, Tamara Winegust, Max Rothschild, Denver Bandstra
Failure to comply with the prescribed requirements may result in the Federal Court granting various types of relief, including punitive damages.
By Carmela De Luca, Donald Bocchinfuso
Recent case law in the United States has changed the landscape for patenting antibodies.
By Matthew Graff
On November 5, 2018, Canada's amended legislation governing the protection of industrial designs came into force.
By Amanda Branch
On November 1, 2018, the mandatory breach notification requirements came in to force.
By Cynthia Rowden, R. Scott MacKendrick, Tamara Winegust
Le gouvernement canadien a publié le Règlement sur les marques de commerce dans la Gazette officielle, ce qui constitue essentiellement la dernière étape formelle avant l'entrée en vigueur...
By Mina Chana, Elizabeth Afolabi
One thing that is unlikely to change is the established principle of proving a licensor's control over a mark.
By Catherine Lovrics, Max Rothschild
A recent summary judgment of the Federal Court of Canada highlights the fundamental principle that copyright protection does not extend to ideas or facts.
By Cynthia Rowden, R. Scott MacKendrick, Tamara Winegust
Le gouvernement canadien a publié le Règlement sur les marques de commerce dans la Gazette officielle.
By Cynthia Rowden, R. Scott MacKendrick, Tamara Winegust
Signs such as colour alone, scent, taste and texture may now be registered.
By R. Scott MacKendrick, Tamara Winegust
L'épopée de l'injonction Google se poursuit.
By Janice Bereskin, Jonathan Burkinshaw
Major amendments to Canada's Trademarks Act are set to broaden the ability of brand owners to protect fluid marks, but will also introduce new obstacles to slogans, which are currently more easily registered.
By Amanda Branch
Bill C-45, colloquially, the "Cannabis Act" (the "Act") came into force on October 17, 2018 legalizing recreational marijuana consumption ...
By Jennifer McKenzie, Catherine Lovrics, Amanda Branch
Mandatory breach reporting is now in force for organizations regulated by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).
By H. Samuel Frost, Denver Bandstra
On October 29th, Canada's federal government tabled a budget implementation bill that includes over 800 pages of proposed legislative changes
By Amanda Branch
The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (the "OPC") has released its breach guidance, "What you need to know about mandatory reporting of breaches of security safeguards", in final form (the "Guidelines").
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