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By Louis Tuchman, Olga Bogush
Since it was issued by the IRS in 1991, controversial Revenue Ruling 91-32 has guided the structuring of foreign investment in the U.S. Under the ruling
By Stephen Brodie, Tzvi Weisz
Because of the supremacy of federal law, many bankers and other professionals assume that federal tax liens would take priority over state law liens, regardless of when the latter arose or were perfected
By Douglas Heller
The complicated and lengthy process of converting a rental apartment building to a condominium in New York has become even more complicated.
By Mitchell Korbey, Anne F. McCaughey
An agreement on a key component to the renewal of the 421-a program was reached yesterday between the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) and (BCTC).
By Scott Mollen
Scott Mollen analyzed the following cases in his weekly Realty Law Digest column in the New York Law Journal (subscription required)...
By Irwin Kishner, Erica L. Markowitz
It takes a lot to pack New York's 18,000-seat Madison Square Garden, which has hosted some of the greatest sports and entertainment events of all time.
By Carol M. Goodman, Mara B. Levin, Jonathan Adler
The landscape has changed for freelancers and their employers in New York City.
By Louis Tuchman, Olga Bogush
IRS audits are increasingly targeting private investment funds over management fee waiver arrangements that are commonly used by investment managers to convert fee income into carried interest.
By Barry Werbin
As the economic worth of successful brands keeps soaring, the ability to leverage trademark assets is becoming more important for companies seeking financing to support growth and cover cash flow shortfalls for operating expenses
By Mara B. Levin, Carol M. Goodman, Jonathan Adler, Daniella Muller
The New York City Council has passed legislation that would prohibit employers from making inquiries regarding the salary history of job applicants...
By Stephen B. Selbst
A seller's failure to give notice of a bankruptcy sale of real property to a party who had a right of first refusal led a bankruptcy court to rule that the right of first refusal survived the seller's bankruptcy...
By Mitchell Korbey, Anne F. McCaughey
The Special Garment Center District regulations, created in 1987, were meant to preserve apparel manufacturing space and limit the ability to convert such space for office use.
By Ronald Levine
Product liability lawyers are most often asked to apply their skills in the courtroom. While they rarely find themselves negotiating deals in the boardroom, they can be an extremely valuable...
By Barry Werbin
We see scores of copyright infringement cases filed annually by plaintiffs owning registered fabric designs that are used on garments.
By Irwin Kishner, Daniel Etna, Barry Werbin
In this edition of Herrick's Sports Law Update, we look into how last Wednesday's Supreme Court's "cheerleader uniform" ruling could affect the sports apparel industry.
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