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By Kathryn C. Bascom, Karrie Clinkinbeard
On March 28, 2017, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens signed into law a bill that establishes more stringent parameters for what constitutes admissible expert witness testimony in the state's courts.
By Sarah Roe Sise
Some retirement plan dollar limitations will increase in 2017, but the limit on elective salary deferral contributions on a combined pre-tax and Roth basis will remain unchanged at $18,000.
By Darren Sharp
Continuing its prounion and proemployee agenda, the National Labor Relations Board issued its longawaited and closely watched decision in BrowningFerris Industries of California, Inc...
By Daniel Fitzgerald, Samir Mehta
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) issued new guidance on Dec. 8, 2015 that provides improved clarity to those prosecuting patent applications...
By Bruce Leslie
Conflict resolution can be viewed on a continuum, with negotiation on one end, and a decision(s) by a judge(s) on the other.
By Sheena Hamilton, Robert Kaiser
A strong employee handbook can preempt or diminish litigation by fostering an orderly and tolerant company culture.
By Brian Kaveney, Zachary Howenstine, Lindsey Selinger
The EEOC advises employers to reconsider their pre-sent applications and remove blanket, "catch-all" questions that ask whether the individual has been convicted of any crimes.
By Cary Levitt, Michael Kass, Jeffrey Schultz, Larry Tucker, John Vering
You cannot afford to have your trade secrets and critical customer or technical information walk out the door.
By Robert Reeser, Cary Levitt, Roger Walker
On Tuesday, April 6, a Missouri Senate committee passed an energy efficiency bill. This bill has also been voted out of the House.
By Timmi Kloster, Nicholas Garzia
"Green" building projects are now becoming the norm. Only a few years ago green buildings appeared to be a market trend, but countless projects are now focusing on environmentally friendly design and construction.