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By Jeff K.Y. Sun, Jennifer A. Marles
The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently affirmed a district court's decision in favor of rapper Jay-Z ...
By John Lambert, Stephanie A. Melnychuk
One of the first steps in starting a business is naming it. For many businesses this involves registering the business with local authorities and/or incorporating the business.
By Alex Buonassisi
Resolving legal disputes through litigation can be costly and time consuming.
By Jayde Wood
Online copyright infringement has become commonplace.
By Alex Buonassisi
A regular patent application requires carefully and thoroughly drafting a patent specification and claims, and is best prepared with the assistance of a patent agent.
By Christina S.W. Kwok
Since the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (the "CIPO")'s release of a Practice Notice on 9 November 2016 clarifying its practice with respect to the registrability ...
By Jennifer A. Marles
Despite extensive discussion by our courts, the reasons behind why such a prohibition exists remain unclear for both courts and patent lawyers.
By Christina S.W. Kwok
Registering the name of an individual as a trademark in Canada poses unique challenges.
By Christopher Scott, Cameron Funnell
A patent provides its owner with a monopoly over an "invention". This can be a powerful right, but many people who are new to the patent system may not understand what this really means.
By Bruce Green's Canadian Patent application for its "one-click" ordering invention issued on 17 January 2012 as Patent No. 2,246,933.