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By Howard Rapke, Ian Robertson, Paul Venus
This newsletter includes links to recent media releases and cases relating to competition and consumer law in Australia.
By Troy Lewis, Stephen Burton, Suzy Cairney, Stephen Natoli, Kyle Siebel, Scott Alden, Christine Jones, Helena Golovanoff
This newsletter has links to recent media releases, reports and cases relating to construction and infrastructure.
By Joseph Monaghan, Breellen Warry, Peter Holt, Gerard Timbs, Jenny Humphris
This newsletter includes links to media releases, reports, cases and legislation relating to planning & the environment.
By Charles Power, Benjamin Marshall, Stephen Trew, Michael Selinger, Rachel Drew
News on workplace health and safety issues.
By Christine Jones, Georgia Appleby
Failure of the builder to install a shower door that was fit for purpose constituted a breach of the statutory warranty.
By Christine Jones, Cameron Sheather
The newsletter includes links to recent media releases, statistics, reports and cases relating to residential property.
By Nathan Cecil
This article focusses specifically on how to manage the Chain of Responsibility compliance of overseas third parties.
By Rachel Drew
This newsletter includes summaries and links to recent media releases relating to immigration issues in Australia.
By Darren Pereira, Georgia Milne
The case is a reminder against complacency in legal documentation for business transactions, side deals and warranties.
By Rachel Drew
Employers must continue to show that they are making every effort to employ and train Australians in their businesses.
By Scott Alden, Georgia Appleby
Those in the construction industry will need to pay particular attention as supply chains become increasingly global.
By Charles Power, Nathan Steinkoler
Casuals who work regular hours are entitled to request a conversion to permanent status after twelve months of service.
By Angela Flannery
New Bills aim to promote competition in the telecommunications infrastructure market and protect interests of consumers.
By Chris Lovell, Paul Faure, Bill Glover
This newsletter includes links to recent information relating to superannuation, funds management & financial services.
By Chris Lovell, Lou Farinotti, Chris Brodrick, Lisa Cody, Richard Skopal, Joseph Monaghan, Robina Kidd, Vanya Lozzi, Cameron Sheather, Breellen Warry, Ron Eames, Katie Miller, Peter Nugent, Gerard Timbs
The newsletter includes links to recent media releases, reports and cases relating to Australian property & real estate.
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