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By Ana Grizzi, Anderson Moura
On February 9, the State of São Paulo published Decree 61,117/2015, on new rules for inspection of use of water resources during events of hydrological crisis.
By Veirano E Advogados Associados
Veirano Advogados has helped the Brazilian branch of US education services provider DeVry acquire Damásio, one of the largest test providers for Brazil's bar examination.
By Pedro Garcia, Manuela Comette
On January 16, 2015, the National Department of Mineral Production ("DNPM") issued Ordinance No. 36, bringing amendments to the Regulatory Mining Rules (Normas Reguladoras da Mineração), in particular to NRM 04...
By Fábio Figueira
On the 13th February 2015, Valor Econômico published a note, informing that Mubadala, Abu Dhabi's sovereign fund, has assumed corporate control of the Colombian mining company AUX.
By Maurício Maleck Coutinho
This judgment is seen as one solution for those who have been waiting an unreasonable amount of time to receive a decision on their trademark applications.
By Veirano E Advogados Associados
Veirano Advogados has helped Latin American-focused private equity company Southern Cross buy a majority equity stake in São Paulo storage company Tópico.
By Veirano E Advogados Associados
Federal judge in the city of Curitiba, Sergio Fernando Moro has risen to prominence overseeing some of Brazil's most important international financial crime cases over the last decade – including Operation Lava Jato.
By Veirano E Advogados Associados
While both jurisdictions may present challenges for investors looking to invest in developing economies, Brazil and Mexico still offer plenty of opportunities for those that are aware of the legal pitfalls.
By Joao Carlos Mendonça, Alexandre Turqueto
Effective February 16, 2015, Declarations of Brazilian Capital Abroad must be submitted to the Brazilian Central Bank.
By Veirano E Advogados Associados
Two weeks after Aldemir Bendine took over as chief executive officer of Petrobras, the company was downgraded to Ba2 by Moody's Investors Service on 24 February.
By Daniel Coelho, Mateus Aimoré Carreteiro
On March 16, 2015, President Dilma Roussef signed a new Code of Civil Procedure that will enter into force after one year.
By Luiz Navarro, Rodrigo Santos
Reiterating the provisions of the Anticorruption Act, the Decree states that administrative proceedings of liability for acts against the public administration shall be opened by the highest authority at the entity harmed...
By Carlos Lobo, Julio Dubeux, Roberta Duarte
On March 10, 2015, the Board of Commissioners of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission ("CVM") decided that stock options granted to officers and directors should be considered part of their remuneration...
By Ana Grizzi, Anderson Moura
On April 23, 2015, Brazilian Federal Government published Decree No. 8,437, establishing new rules for environmental licensing conducted by federal environmental agencies, especially for infrastructure projects.
By Ana Grizzi, Anderson Moura
After discussions in the House of Representatives and the Senate, Brazilian National Congress approved the Bill of Law 7735/14, which regulates the access to genetic heritage of Brazilian biodiversity...
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