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Shook Lin & Bok
By Eric Chan
The Monetary Authority of Singapore has issued a consultation paper inviting comments on proposed new regulations that implement some of the key changes to the regulatory framework of the SFA...
By Tan Woon Hum
Family offices trying to solve their clients' complex succession planning issues are increasingly facing a conundrum, says Tan Woon Hum of Shook Lin & Bok LLP: hire external advisers or...
By Tan Woon Hum
Asset or fund management specialists who are serious and passionate about their profession want to thrive in an environment where the laws and regulations are clear, business friendly and progressive.
By Eric Chan
Although small in population, Singapore is one of the most data rich countries in the world, with residents' nine-character personal IDs containing information including their income...
By Wong Gang, Johnny Lim, Tan Wei Shyan, Pearlyn Xie
The permissibility of DCS structures is a matter of considerable public debate. On one hand, there is the risk that shares with multiple votes can be used to severely undermine minority interests.
By Pradeep Pillai, Joycelyn Lin
The Singapore High Court considered the status of security interests in commingled stock and whether the said security interests survived commingling.
By Prakash Raja Segaran
Singapore's recent enactment of the Choice of Court Agreements Act 2016 (No. 14 of 2016) has given effect to the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements 2005...
By Liew Kai Zee, Prakash Raja Segaran, Guo Xiaofei
On 26 January 2017, SAFE issued the Notice on Further Improving the Reform of Foreign Exchange Administration and Review of Veracity and Compliance (the "Notice").
By Andrea Chee
These new initiatives will serve to further bolster Singapore's top position in regional corporate governance rankings and hopefully drive greater investor activity and interest.
By Andrea Chee
The Ministry of Finance ("MOF") and the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority ("ACRA") have invited public feedback to proposed amendments to the Companies Act by 13 January 2017.
By Andrea Chee, Debby Lim
We examine the first local reported decision on the issue of validating payments under Section 259 of the Companies Act.
By Eric Chan
On 12 December 2016, MAS issued a consultation paper inviting comments on proposed amendments to the competency requirements for appointed representatives under the SFA (Chapter 289) and the FAA (Chapter 110).
By Liew Kai Zee, Prakash Raja Segaran
In Sudha Natrajan v The Bank of East Asia Ltd [2016] SGCA 66, the Court of Appeal took the opportunity to discuss the duties of a bank whenever dealing with a vulnerable guarantor, and the issue of undue influence on a guarantor giving a guarantee.
By Wong Gang, Tan Wei Shyan, Pearlyn Xie, Johnny Lim
Investors these days are increasingly looking to assess not just the financial performance and status of the companies they invest in, they are also looking at the non-financial aspects.
By Gwendolyn Gn
In a public consultation exercise which ran from 26 October to 16 November this year, the Ministry of Finance ("MOF") and the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority...