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By Margareta Oproiu, Margareta Oproiu

The Law no. 202 on borderline measures for securing the intellectual property rights came into force on 21 December 2000.

The provisions set forth in the Law no. 202 are in line with articles 51 to 60 of the TRIP's Agreement and the Council regulation (EC) No. 3295/1994.

Romania is a Member State of the WTO and as such adhered to and ratified the TRIP's Agreement by means of the Law No. 133/1994, enacted on 1 January 1995.


The Romanian Patent Law No. 64/1991 is currently undergoing review with a proposal to introduce amendments in order to meet the current economical needs and largely ties with TRIP's Agreement and European Union requirements. At this stage, the draft of amendments is under the Parliament approval. There is much hope that the draft will be approved by the end of 1999.

The major aspects of the draft are related with patent protection of products and in particular pharmaceutical and