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By George Pretty
For foreign companies considering market expansion and investment in the United States, there are two general avenues.
By R. Douglas Harmon
The JOBS Act requires that, once every five years, the SEC indexes various EGC thresholds to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers.
By R. Douglas Harmon
This is the latest, though probably not the last, step in the evolution of trade settlements.
By Hector Ibarra
Auto companies, computer manufacturers and oil producers are closely watching how the trade relationship evolves between the U.S. and Mexico under President Donald Trump.
By F. Elliotte Quinn IV
A trend, and now common practice, in the construction industry is for an owner or contractor to require contractors and subcontractors to name it as an additional insured on their commercial general liability insurance policies.
By F. Elliotte Quinn IV
The U.S. Court of Federal Claims recently issued a decision arising from work at an Oklahoma dam that contains two holdings on Type I differing site condition claims helpful for contractors asserting such claims.
By R. Douglas Harmon
Last week, the D.C. Circuit Court entered final judgment in the case, which upheld its prior rulings, and remanded it to the SEC for appropriate action.
By Matt Wolfe
Join the American Health Lawyers Association in Baltimore for the Institute on Medicare and Medicaid Payment Issues.
By Matt Wolfe
The letter lists a host of state-led reforms to better align Medicaid with private insurance policies, including health savings account-like features.
By R. Douglas Harmon
Shareholders may choose to vote on executive compensation every year, every two years or every three years, or they may choose to abstain.
By R. Douglas Harmon
Since then, sustainability reporting has continued to increase in quantity and quality, and SASB has maintained its position as a well-known, respected standard-setter.
By R. Douglas Harmon
This week the SEC issued final rules designed to make it easier to access and retrieve exhibits to company filings through the use of hyperlinks.
By R. Douglas Harmon
Not long ago, I wrote about the growth of sustainability reporting among public companies.
By Kay Hobart, Ray Stevens
The North Carolina General Assembly unveiled the state budget late Monday night – 76 days after it was due.
By A-J Secrist
Risk management professionals constantly preach that risk management is not compliance. Risk managers help set strategy.