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By Vinay Juwaheer
One recurring theme runs through the articles and news items published in this issue. That theme is the opening up of the economy, and it is indeed a compelling challenge for Mauritius, if we are to succeed in overcoming the difficulties inherent in the small size of our domestic market and in adapting ourselves to the exigencies of global competitiveness.
By Vinay Juwaheer
The Financial Services Industry in Mauritius is growing at a fast pace. According to the Financial Services Commission, 2006 Annual Report the Non Banking Financial Industry Sector already contributes to 4% of the GDP and the growth rate is at present some 10% or more. Incidentally the number of Licensed Service Providers is also increasing.
By Vinay Juwaheer
Quite often, a trust is chosen as a structure to manage the business and/or family assets of a client. The reasons vary according to clients’ requirements. This article clarifies the various issues, which an individual should consider when setting up a Trust.
By Vinay Juwaheer
This article provides an overview of the legal and regulatory provisions in Mauritius regarding confidentiality and customer due diligence and how it compares with other jurisdictions.
Small offshore jurisdictions are sometimes subject to negative public comments. One of the criticisms levelled at them is that they are tax havens, a term loaded with many undertones, such as being an ideal location for money launderers. Mauritius has had its share of such accusations, in spite of its having signed 34 avoidance of double taxation agreements (DTA) with other countries.