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By Savvas Savvides
I am sure many of us have been closely following the political events taking place in the United Kingdom over the past few days, following the political process and the draft agreement regarding Brexit and the relationship between the UK and the EU.
By Savvas Savvides
We are at the dawn of the twenty-first century, a century where the swift administration of justice is a sine qua non for a modern rule of law such as in Cyprus.
By Agis Charalambous
Due to the early-stage of the technology that blockchain represents much confusion has blurred its being. So many talks have been given so many conferences created so many use cases explained.
By Alexia Rosgovas
Global and regional environmental issues are increasingly the subject of international law. Debates over environmental concerns implicate core principles of international law and have been the subject of numerous international agreements and declarations.
By Theo Antoniou
Nowadays, there are thousand different cryptocurrencies, constituting a significant asset class.
By Andreas Kapsalis
The franchising subsidiary controlled also two branches, one in Switzerland and one in the USA.
By Mark Gatt
It appeared to be a near impossible task for ICANN to come up with the required framework needed to make DNS and WHOIS (a master database showing each website and domain name owner) compliant ...
By Marina Hadjisoteriou
The EU Justice Scoreboard shows that while judicial independence in Cyprus is perceived to be relatively high, the length of court proceedings is among the longest in the EU.
By Savvas Savvides
Were you told the truth by the Bank?
By Polina Polycarpou
European supervisors usually consider a non-performing loan when there are indications that the borrower is unlikely to repay the loan because of financial difficulties or when he is late in paying his agreed installments for more than 90 days.
By Polina Polycarpou
Sulphur Oxides (SOx) are emitted when marine or other liquid fuels containing Sulphur are combusted. Sulphur Oxides are air pollutants that contribute to acid deposition ...
By Eleni Drakou
The scheme for Naturalisation of Investors in Cyprus by exception has proven to be very attractive and popular among high-net-worth-individuals and entrepreneurs ...
By Agis Charalambous
The intricate concept of consent, its role as well as its implementation framework enhances its use as a legitimate processing base ...
By Kyriakos Constantinou
Undoubtedly, a Sponsorship Agreement established in the sporting industry nowadays constitutes a challenging and very promising area ...
By Savvas Savvides
On 30/11/2017 the House of Representatives in Cyprus and in accordance with the EU Value Added Tax (VAT) Directive voted a new VAT Law ...
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