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By Marion Unrau
Royal Bank of Canada v. Surje & Company Inc. is a recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The personal defendant, Sunny Bhasin held most of the common shares in Surge & Company Inc., the corporate defendant.
By Graham Splawski
This week the IIROC was the latest market regulatory to release its enforcement activity report for 2015. The enforcement report details the disciplinary action undertaken by IIROC last year.
By Evita Ferreira
Guarantors beware: the Court of Appeal, in The Toronto-Dominion Bank v Konga,1 held that the guarantor was required to pay in response to a demand for payment pursuant to a guarantee, even where the debtor corporation had not failed to make a payment under the loan agreement.
By Michelle Henry
Le 22 mars 2017, le gouvernement libéral de Justin Trudeau a déposé le budget fédéral de 2017 (le « budget »).
By Graham Splawski
If that happens, financial institutions, which are frequent users of such services, may be affected.
By Jason Saltzman, Alfred Page, Charles Malone, Melinda Park
On April 6, 2017, the Canadian Securities Administrators (the "CSA") released Consultation Paper 51-404 — Considerations for Reducing Regulatory Burden for Non-Investment Fund Reporting Issuers in which it discusses, and asks for feedback on, potentially sweeping changes to the rules governing prospectus offerings as well as continuous reporting obligations for Canadian reporting issuers other than investment funds.
By Subrata Bhattacharjee, Gregory McLean
The Canadian federal government's budget implementation legislation for 2017 includes amendments to the Investment Canada Act that will be of interest to any non-Canadian wishing to acquire control of a Canadian business.
By Nick Pasquino, Joseph DiPonio
Although members of non-share capital corporations have a right to submit and discuss a "proposal" at a meeting of members under the federal Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act ("CNCA") and will soon have such a right under Ontario's not-yet-in-force Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 ("ONCA"), the recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (the "Court") in Koh v. Ellipsiz Communications Ltd. is a useful reminder to boards of directors that this right is not unlimited
By Chantal Saunders, Beverley Moore, Adrian J. Howard, Jillian Brenner
The Court of Appeal dismissed Bristol-Myers Squibb's appeal from the Trial Judge's decision refusing its application for a writ of prohibition on the basis that Teva's allegation of invalidity for obviousness was justified.
By Chidinma Thompson, Michael Marion
In January 2017, in ABAER 001 - Bonavista Energy Corporation A Regulatory Appeal of Two Well Licences and an Application for a Pipeline Gilby Field (Bonavista case), the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) issued the first of its decisions for 2017 ...
By Alessandra Nosko
When a transaction fails to close without any acceptable justification, it is generally accepted that the purchaser's deposit is forfeited.
By Michael Marion
​BLG Counsel Beth Reimer-Heck, Q.C., contributed to an article titled The Critical Role of the Board in Addressing Climate Change in the March/April 2017 issue of the Director Journal.
By Alessandra Nosko
The Ontario Divisional Court recently provided guidance with respect to excluding co-parties from each other's examination for discovery. In Lazar v TD General Insurance Company, the defendant sought to examine the plaintiffs (a married couple) individually, outside the presence of the other.
By Jeffrey Graham
The Reporter provides a monthly summary of Canadian federal legislative and regulatory developments of relevance to federally regulated financial institutions.
By Chantal Saunders, Beverley Moore, Adrian J. Howard, Jillian Brenner
In this recently reported decision, the Court granted Apotex leave to deliver Fresh as Amended Responding Statement of Issues for the reference into AstraZeneca's damages or Apotex's profits, following the Court's decision that the ‘693 Patent is valid and infringed by Apotex.
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