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By Chantal Saunders, Beverley Moore, Adrian J. Howard, Jillian Brenner
In this case, the Federal Court dismissed an application for an order of prohibition. The patent at issue claimed pharmaceutical formulations of esomeprazole and naproxen.
By Cory Ryan, Tory Hibbitt
The 44 year old female Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a head on collision; after the Defendant made a left hand turn in front of the Plaintiff's vehicle.
By Sonia Mak
Pension plan administrators need to be aware of the new guidelines on the disclosure of plan information and "related party" rules for pension fund investment issued by the OSFI....
By Alan Ross, Peter Bryan
On January 24th, 2017, President Trump issued an executive order inviting TransCanada Keystone Pipeline LP to re-submit its application to the State Department for a Presidential Permit...
By Chidinma Thompson, Josef Krüger, Steven Bodi, Tory Hibbitt
Two recent decisions of Canadian courts have reiterated the critical requirement of clear language in contracts creating royalties where parties intend such royalties to be "interest in land,"...
By Corry Lomer
The Court of Appeal for Ontario released its decision last week in Canadian Imperial Bank of Commercie v. Deloitte & Touche.
By Bevan Brooksbank
At common law, Courts have always had the power, through the equitable remedy of rectification, to correct mistakes in a contract where that instrument incorrectly records the parties' agreement.
By Leanne Desbarats, Karen A. Salmon
It was previously unclear under the Alberta Rules of Court, Alta Reg 124/2010 (the Rules) whether leave of the Court was required to question on an affidavit of records (an AOR).
By Alan Ross, Kent Howie, Karen A. Salmon, Michael Marion, Miles Pittman, Rick Williams, Beverly Gilbert, C.A., Peter Bryan, Chidinma Thompson, Pascal de Guise
The Alberta Government ushered in sweeping legislative changes that spanned from broadly-based carbon levies to a specific cap on oil sands emissions. In 2016, no industry was affected more than power generation.
By Hunter Parsons
The lower court decision also provides useful guidance on the process for proving the existence and enforceability of agreements and documents that are lost or destroyed.
By Markus Kremer
If you have not yet made a New Year's Resolution, you may want to resolve to do your best to avoid the Top 10 Legal Risks for Business in 2017.
By Ivana Nenadic
The appellant in Konga had signed a personal guarantee of a corporation's obligations to the respondent bank.
By Chantal Saunders, Beverley Moore, Adrian J. Howard, Jillian Brenner
Apotex sought judicial review of a decision of the Minister of Health that had the effect of rejecting its Abbreviated New Drug Submission (ANDS) for progesterone capsules.
By Garrett Finegan, Michael Marion
This argument was rejected by the ABCA, which held that Section 43 did apply to bar Ms. Ernst' claim for Charter damages.
By Brian Portas, Brian Dingle, Jeffrey Thomas, Darren McGuire
The Canadian government has also implemented changes in the area of immigration, although considerably less drastic.
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