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By Stewart McKelvey
Many businesses rely on trade-mark, copyright, and patent law for the protection of their intellectual property (IP).
By Julia Parent, David Wedlake, Summer Student
In a rare decision from the bench, the Supreme Court of Canada ("SCC") allowed the appeal of Callidus Capital Corporation in the matter of Callidus Capital Corporation v Her Majesty the Queen.
By Mark Tector, Killian McParland
‘Tis again the season for the company holiday party. And while the party planners are starting to break out the eggnog, there are some lessons learned from seasons past to keep in mind to ensure that the party runs smoothly and safely for all.
By Mark Tector, Richard Jordan
The Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Act (the "Act") provides that "contractors" and "constructors" have similar, but not identical, responsibilities, with a "Constructor"
By Julia Parent, Graham Haynes
On October 29, 2018, the federal government tabled national pay equity legislation as part of its second budget implementation bill ...
By Rob Aske
You likely heard rumblings over the spring and summer, but now it's here. Canada's federal privacy law known by the acronym PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act)...
By Julia Parent
In light of recent court decisions in the United States and upcoming legislative changes in New Brunswick, there are two ways in which Canadian post-secondary institutions may begin to see an extension of their liability in tort.
By Twila Reid
Three days later the board of directors of The Weinstein Company terminated his employment.
By Jonathan Coady, Justin Milne
Universities have a variety of internal procedures that permit students to challenge a number of academic decisions.
By Guy-Etienne Richard
The majority of provinces have amended their employment standards to match the federal government's changes to employment insurance.
By Koren Thomson
The dispute worked its way through the courts, and eventually landed on the doorsteps of the Supreme Court.
By Josie Marks, Dominique Landry
Every year university students are charged with criminal offences. While such events are stressful and difficult for any student, they are of particular concern for international students
By Level Chan, Paul Smith, Sarah Jackson
Universities hold significant assets in pension, endowment and similar funds that are invested to maximize returns so as to deliver on promises supported by those funds.
By Brittany Trafford
Educational institutions have a tradition of seeking out the best and brightest as well as those with unique talents who can share their knowledge with students and faculty.
By Lara Greenough
Public awareness about the issue of sexual assault has been growing, and post-secondary institutions need to be equipped to deal with these allegations within the campus community.
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