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By Karen Zimmer
All users of Facebook agree to its Terms of Use as part of the registration process. When doing so, users agree to submit to California courts when litigating any claim arising, and that the laws of California will govern.
By Karen Zimmer
Defamation law and breach of privacy law are separate and distinct, but the two torts are occasionally brought before the courts in the same matter.
By Eileen Vanderburgh
The BC Court of Appeal decision in Winstanley v. Winstanley, 2017 BCCA 265, was released July 17, 2017.
By Aubrie Girou
The decision in the precedent-setting case of Devore-Thompson v. Poulain, 2017 BCSC 1289, was released July 24, 2017. It marks the first reported case in British Columbia in which the Court...
By Christopher Hirst
A recent B.C. case has addressed the legal issues surrounding tower cranes and their infringement upon neighboring land. If followed, the case may significantly redefine the discussions...
By Stewart Muglich
The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) recently published for comment proposed amendments to National Instrument 45-102 Resale of Securities (NI 45-102) that would introduce...
By Judy Rost
Beneficiary designations are not created equal. There is a significant difference between the status of a revocable beneficiary and an irrevocable beneficiary.
By Lisa Mackie
Tick Tock Estates is a 140-unit residential strata corporation in Vancouver, British Columbia. Five years ago, the owners of Tick Tock Estates overwhelmingly passed a 3⁄4 vote resolution approving....
By Lisa Mackie
Skedaddle Estates is an 80-unit residential strata corporation in Burnaby, British Columbia.
By Lisa Mackie
Roof repairs. Asbestos removal. Window replacements. When a British Columbia landlord faces repairs or renovations in a rental building, the decision to evict an existing tenant to conduct...
By Emma Waterman
The decision in this case allows recreational facilities and other service providers, and their insurers, to breathe a sigh of relief.
By Karen Zimmer
Now is the perfect time for societies incorporated in British Columbia to consider how to avoid a new kind of court challenge that members can now bring under section 102 of the Societies Act...
By Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang LLP
If an asset passes in joint tenancy, the personal representative of the estate must consider whether it is truly held in joint tenancy or whether it is subject to a resulting trust in favour of the estate
By Zachary Rogers
The Court of Appeal for Ontario recently upheld a "your work" exclusion in a Commercial General Liability Policy in G & P Procleaners and General Contractors Inc. v. Gore Mutual Insurance Company...
By Shaun Foster
On March 24, 2015, the passengers and crew of Germanwings Flight No. 9525 (from Barcelona to Dusseldorf) were the victims of a tragic aviation incident. Shortly after take-off, the pilot left the cockpit.
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