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By Yvonne  Gallagher
LLP members who have in place HMRC protections in relation to their accumulated pension funds will need careful management to avoid breaching their protections.
By Catharine Bell, Alfred Liu
The Family Division of the High Court has continued in its efforts to disregard a company's separate legal personality in order to bolster the matrimonial pot...
By Catharine Bell, Nicole Aubin-Parvu
There have been a number of cases this year considering how, and in what circumstances the assets of a company owned by one spouse may be recovered for transfer to the other spouse in the context of ancillary relief proceedings.
By Catharine Bell
Much has been made about London's place as the so-called ‘divorce capital of the world' as a result of its seemingly generous approach to financial claims by less wealthy spouses against their high-earning or otherwise wealthy husbands or wives.
By Baljit Chohan, Kevin Jones
An earn-out is often used as a management incentive where owner-managed businesses are sold and the managers continue to work in the business following the sale.
Robert Paterson highlights a few key changes to the law which will come into force on 1 October 2007.
By Nicholas Pike
An update on recent administration litigation cases in the UK.
By Nicholas Pike
An update on EU bankruptcy litigation in the UK
By Nicholas Pike
The trustee in bankruptcy of Mr Foyle applied for an order for possession and sale of the matrimonial home, which was jointly owned by Mr and Mrs Foyle. The trustee’s application was made some 13 years after the bankruptcy order, at which time there was no equity in the property.
By Nicholas Pike
An update on preference developments in the UK
By Nicholas Pike
Commentary on injunction developments and litigation in the UK.
By Nicholas Pike
Mortgage developments and litigation in the UK
By Sara McNeill
Where a court of superior jurisdiction has held a patent to be valid, under what circumstances can a lower court in separate proceedings reverse that decision?
By Claire O'Brien
Associated Newspapers, proprietor of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday and The Evening Standard newspapers has successfully prevented Express Newspapers under the law of passing off and trade mark infringement from adopting the title "Evening Mail" or "London Evening Mail" for its proposed free newspaper in the London area.
By Claire Mortimer
This case gave the House of Lords the opportunity to sort out some of the inconsistencies in case law surrounding the criminal provisions of the Trade Marks Act. But in doing so, another inconsistency appears to have been created. Their Lordships’ interpretation of the European Court of Justice’s decision in Arsenal seems to be at odds with the Court of Appeal’s interpretation in its Arsenal judgment, handed down just one day earlier.