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By Gerald L. Blanchard
Investors frequently talk in terms of trying to find the next unicorn, that small start-up company that is going to turn into a billion dollar valuation.
By Eric Martin, Jonathon D. Nicol
The Bankruptcy Cave is just about ready to return from summer vacation.
By David Zetoony, Jena M. Valdetero
Organizations are not, generally, required to offer services to consumers whose information was involved in a breach.
By Andrew Schoulder
Despite the downturn in the retail industry, retailers should not automatically adopt a "glass half empty approach" but instead view the impending cycle as creating opportunities for companies in both the U.S. and globally.
By Joseph J. Poppen, Daniel Wheeler
According to the guarantor, it should be excused from its obligations because it was essentially the same as the borrower, and thus protected by California's anti-deficiency laws.
By John ReVeal
New and existing money services businesses frequently ask when or if the CFPB will "examine" them.
By John ReVeal
New and existing money services businesses frequently ask when or if the CFPB will "examine" them.
By James Smith
A recent opinion from the Ninth Circuit may cause considerable confusion regarding what food manufacturers may put on their labels outside of the familiar Nutrition Facts Label.
By Purvi Shah, Michelle McMahon
This decision provides a terrifyingly simple, and for parties involved costly, reminder to always double check your documents.
By Eliot Robinson
Rule 506 of Regulation D provides a widely-used safe harbor from the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933 for qualifying private offerings.
By Susan Kovarovics, Christina Zanette
The first quarter of 2012 brings with it several reporting deadlines required by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls ("DDTC"), Bureau of Industry and Security ("BIS") and Office of Antiboycott Compliance ("OAC").
By David Zetoony
Surveys confirm what most retailers already know –- traditional advertising (e.g., television, direct mail, and print) are on the decline, and new media (e.g., blogs and viral marketing) are on the rise.
By Brandon Neuschafer
Anyone who has been involved in a real estate transaction relating to commercial or industrial property has likely dealt with conducting "All Appropriate Inquiry" into the site, which generally includes the preparation of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and may include Phase II sampling work.
By Alan Solarz, Daniel Cullen, Judith Rinearson, Margo Strahlberg
On January 5, 2011, the IRS issued two revenue procedures that address certain federal income tax consequences relating to (1) taxpayers that issue, but do not themselves redeem, gift cards and (2) retailers that provide gift cards in exchange for returned merchandise.