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By Art Hasan
Article body Current Length: 2020 chars Long including spaces Source Preview In a significant and long-waited ruling governing patent litigation, the Supreme Court today in TC Heartland v. Kraft Foods reversed long standing lower court precedent that enabled patent owners, with relatively few restrictions, to sue corporate defendants in jurisdictions in which alleged infringement occurred.
By Dieter J. Raemdonck
The First Regular Session of the Seventy-First General Assembly adjourned sine die on May 10th, wrapping up 120 days of work for the people of Colorado.
By Sal Wakil, John Carson
A noted designer and illustrator who worked on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," has filed a lawsuit over the destruction of his Los Angeles "Six Heads" mural, alleging violation of the Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA) and the California Art Preservation Act.
By Gregory Y. Harris
In Arizona, like in Washington, a debate is unfolding about how courts should determine "questions of law", and whether an agency's construction of statutes is entitled to deference by the courts.
By Mike Koplow, Gary J. Nelson
These are two of the questions the TTAB sought to answer in the proceeding of Under Armour, Inc. v. Evade, LLC.
By Douglas Tumminello
This morning, the Outdoor Industry Association released its latest Outdoor Recreation Economy Report in connection with its annual Capitol Summit in Washington D.C., and the numbers are HUGE:
By Gary J. Nelson
They say an elephant never forgets. The TTAB? Perhaps not so much. At least when it comes to its prior findings of fame on the same marks in later proceedings.
By Gary J. Nelson, Drew Wilson
In November of 2016, the Federal Circuit upheld a district court's invalidation of Affinity Lab's Patent No. 7,970,379 ("the ‘379 Patent), which was directed to a method and system for streaming regional broadcast signals to cellular telephones located outside the region served by the regional broadcaster.
By Shane Olafson
The Internet of Things (or "IoT") is a hot topic in privacy circles, given its rapid expansion among everyday consumer products.
By John Carson
The platform inertial sensors directly measure the gravitational field in the platform frame.
By Shane Olafson
The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies recently published a notice regarding proposed changes to the Colorado Securities Act (the "Proposal").
By Gary J. Nelson, Drew Wilson
College athletics, specifically the payment of student athletes and their right to control the exploitation of their likeness, has been the subject of significant debate over the last few years.
By Dustin Szakalski
In Wasica Finance GmbH v. Continental Automotive Systems, Inc., No. 15-2078 (Fed. Cir. 2017), the patentee Wasica Finance discovered, among other things, the importance of using consistent terminology in the patent specification and claims.
By Thomas Dougherty
In responding to rumors of his own demise, Mark Twain quipped, "The report of my death was an exaggeration." While the 1897 rumors were premature, Mark Twain did eventually die on April 21, 1910.
By Karl Rutledge
Incorporating user-generated content (e.g., video and photo contests) into a promotion can be an effective way to not only build brand awareness but also develop ties with potential customers. However, use of user-generated content can be risky.
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