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By Thomas Campbell
At its February 7, 2017 Open Meeting, the Arizona Corporation Commission approved a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility for the Southline Transmission Project. Docket No. L-00000AAA-16-0370-000173.
By Karl Rutledge
"Almost every company offers sweepstakes and contests, what's the concern?" It's a common refrain when a business considers starting an online promotion.
By Mark Davidson
Dr. Rosenfeld's first foray into the energy efficiency field began during the first Arab oil embargo of 1973.
By E. Martín Enriquez
Deciding when to take a product or service to a foreign market is a difficult decision. The perceived opportunities presented by the latest hot market can be tempting for a company wanting to grow.
By Thomas Dougherty
On January 6, 2017, following nearly four years of discussions, the entities comprising the Mountain West Transmission Group announced that they are exploring "potential participation with an existing regional transmission organization."
By Karl Rutledge
My previous post provided an overview of gambling concerns associated with a promotion. This post is an extension of that topic and addresses the need for official rules, some of the necessary provisions to include in such rules, and state registration and bonding requirements.
By Karl Rutledge
"Almost every company offers sweepstakes and contests, what is the concern?" This is the response I get on almost a daily basis when speaking with clients and their marketing departments...
By Gary J. Nelson
Opposer, Fruit of the Loom, Inc., owns numerous trademark registrations for its FRUIT OF THE LOOM trademark for clothing, and specifically for underwear.
By Gary J. Nelson
Applicant, International Intimates Inc., filed for a trademark application for KISS KISS BY INTERNATIONAL INTIMATES INC. for clothing, including undergarments, lingerie and sleepwear
By Douglas Tumminello
You know the drill – take your child to a birthday party at a trampoline complex, rock climbing gym or parkour center, and sign a release before your child can participate. When your child is injured, is that release enforceable?
By Stan Lutz
Arizona's Corporation Commission is considering the modernization and expansion of Arizona's Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff.
By Dietrich Hoefner
The move is designed to allow EPA to evaluate the relative potential risk posed by the uncontrolled release of hazardous substances through the subsurface pathway.
By Shane Olafson
Yesterday the Supreme Court tossed out a $400 million award that Apple had won against its smartphone rival Samsung.
By Dieter J. Raemdonck
If you have watched television in the last few week, you may have noticed a pleasant lack of campaign advertisements during your favorite shows.
By Douglas Tumminello
Readers of National Geographic Magazine were treated this month to an interesting article titled Unplugging the Selfie Generation, about the challenges and rewards of getting young people...
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