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By Sophie Kassam, Luke Petith
A question that we are regularly asked by general counsel is what options are available where a Cayman Islands holding company is facing an imminent debt crisis.
By Nick Dunne, Sarah Gavin
In a recent case before the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands, in one of the first decisions of its kind, Walkers successfully obtained a Norwich Pharmacal order ...
By Nick Dunne, Andrew Gibson
Partner Nick Dunne and senior counsel Andrew Gibson have provided the overview to Cayman Islands arbitration.
By Eoin O’Connor, Niall Esler, Bill Laffan, Shane Martin, Conor Daly
On 26 November 2018, the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2018 (the "AML Act 2018") was commenced ...
By Robert Dobbyn
Undue influence was the issue at stake in a judgment of the Royal Court of Jersey this month.
By Eoin O’Connor, Shane Martin, Niall Esler, Garry Ferguson, Andrew Traynor, Noeleen Ruddy, Matt Hedigan
The sale of non-performing loan ("NPL") books by Irish banks has been the subject of intense political and media scrutiny for a number of years due to the perceived impact of the sales of such loan books on underlying borrowers, particularly consumer and small and medium enterprise ("SME") borrowers.
By Nicholas Blake-Knox, Jennifer Fox, Sarah Maguire, Eoin O’Connor, Niall Esler, Shane Martin
On 19 November 2018, the Central Bank of Ireland (the "Central Bank") published a discussion paper entitled "Outsourcing – Findings and Issues for Discussion" (the "Discussion Paper") containing a summary of key issues and risks identified by the Central Bank requiring prompt attention by industry.
By Garry Ferguson, Matt Hedigan, Eoin O’Connor, Noeleen Ruddy, Andrew Traynor, Conor Daly, Bill Laffan, Niall Esler, Shane Martin
With effect from 29 October 2018, the Credit Reporting Act 2013 (the "CRA 2013") has been amended with the result that the forms of reportable credit under the CRA 2013.
By Sophie Kassam, Luke Petith
The Cayman Islands provisional liquidation regime has proven to be an extremely useful and flexible tool to assist with complex financial restructurings.
By Lucy Frew, Tony De Quintal, Colm Dawson, Andrew Howarth, Alice Molan
The Cayman Islands Data Protection Law, 2017 ("DPL"), which was expected to come into force in January 2019, will now not come into force until September 2019.
By Eoin O’Connor, Conor Daly, Bill Laffan, Niall Esler, Shane Martin
The Central Bank of Ireland (the "Central Bank") has published its Corporate Governance Requirements for Investment Firms and Market Operators 2018 (the "Requirements").
By Jonathan Betts, Patrick Ormond, Rob Jackson, Daniel Wood, Sam Shires, Denise Wong, Garry Ferguson, Jonathan Heaney, Jack Boldarin, Hughie Wong, John Rogers
The decision as to where to incorporate an offshore company can only be made based on the specific features of the transaction in question.
By Andrew Traynor, Garry Ferguson, Noeleen Ruddy, Therese Redmond, Ian McNamee, Matt Hedigan, Paddy Rath, Ken Foley
An offer of securities to the public with a total consideration in the EU of less than €1,000,000 will be exempt from the PD3 regime (reduced from previous €5,000,000 threshold).
By Patrick Ormond, Lucy Frew, Daniel Wood, Jack Boldarin, Laura Rogers, Lisa Penn-Lettsome, Rupert Morris, Alice Molan, Andrew Howarth, Steven Manning, Megan English
An amendment to the existing BVI CRS legislation has been published which introduces new requirements to the existing CRS regime.
By Nicholas Blake-Knox
In terms of trends we are seeing an increasing role for ESMA.
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