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By Kevin Taylor, Nicole Tovey, Benjamin McCosker, Kai Musson
A bold judicial reimagining of the Court's existing power to appoint a provisional liquidator for asset preservation purposes, Bermuda's ‘lighttouch' provisional liquidation ...
By Neil Lupton, Fiona MacAdam, James Burch, Edward Rhind
Cross-border restructurings often present a number of challenging issues for practitioners not least where the company in financial difficulty is incorporated in a jurisdiction without an efficient or sophisticated
By Eoin O’Connor, Bill Laffan, Shane Martin, Conor Daly
It has been clear for some time that financial institutions likely to be impacted by Brexit need to be prepared.
By Damian Evans, Robert Dobbyn
Although the substantive judgment in the Crociani litigation was handed down on 11 September last year, that vine still had some fruit to bear.
By Nicholas Blake-Knox, Sarah Maguire, Kerill O'Shaughnessy
CP86 - Central Bank of Ireland to focus on organisational effectiveness with emphasis on firms' resources and organisational structures
By Jonathan Betts, Natalie Neto, Rachel Nightingale
The Companies and Limited Liability Company (Initial Coin Offering) Amendment Act 2018 (the "ICO Act") became operative with effect from 9 July 2018. The ICO Act amends the Bermuda companies...
By Jonathan Betts, Natalie Neto
Bermuda has extended the scope of its existing legal requirements relating to disclosure of beneficial owners of corporate and legal entities in order to meet international transparency standards...
By Shelley White, Colette Wilkins, Sarah Gavin
The most significant fraud trial ever to be heard in the Cayman Islands.
By Jonathan Heaney
The Jersey Private Fund will eventually take over from other similar investment products where the rules are simpler because their use is restricted to experienced or wealthy investors.
By Robert Hazelton, Sarah Broad, Lindsay Hamilton
Judgment has today been handed down by the Honourable Chief Justice of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands in the matter of Ahmad Hamad Algosaibi Brothers Company v. Saad Investments Company Limited...
By Colette Wilkins, Shelley White
The most significant fraud trial ever to be heard in the Cayman Islands
By Neil Lupton, Fiona MacAdam, Jason Taylor
Winston Churchill once said, "to improve is to change so to be perfect is to change often". With that in mind and with many high profile cross-border restructurings ...
By Ingrid Pierce
The Cayman Islands remains the heart of the offshore hedge funds world, and it is well positioned to remain there even in a future driven by technology including artificial intelligence ...
By Anne Dolan, Este Rabey
Further to our previous advisories on this topic, the Cayman Islands beneficial ownership regime is in force and steps need to be taken by all companies and limited liability companies.
By Lucy Frew, Sandra Edun-Watler, Andrew Howarth
The Cayman Islands Department for International Tax Cooperation (the "DITC") has issued an Industry Advisory to update the relevant dates for reporting under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ...
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