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By Matt Sanders, Sam Shires
Of those assets there is a wide range, including hedge funds, private equity, debt and property funds.
By Rolf Lindsay, Daniel Wood, Arwel Lewis, Hughie Wong, Thomas Granger
Under the provisions of the Exempted Limited Partnership Law, 2014 a general partner , on behalf of a Cayman Islands exempted limited partnership, which proposes to be registered...
By Stephen Ozanne
There are many thoughts on what A.I. actually means. However, it is typically used to refer to machines that can mimic the cognitive functions of the human mind, something that...
By Philip Paschalides, Shamar Ennis
Credit Suisse released an excellent research paper at Davos this year entitled "How Corporate Governance Matters". Coming at the end of a flurry of corporate governance scandals that were operatic in colour and scale, . . .
By Lucy Frew, Dawn Howe, Michael Padarin, Steven Manning
The primary purpose of the Second Tranche is to ensure effective implementation of the Common Reporting Standard by the Cayman Islands as an early adopter of the CRS.
By Paul Buckle, Damian Evans
As Jersey plans to introduce changes to its trusts law, Damian Evans, Partner, Walkers Jersey, and Paul Buckle, Group Partner, Walkers Guernsey, take a look at how arbitration may play a larger role.
By Ariane West, Jonathan Betts
The redomestication of this fund to Bermuda, which was completed on 23 December 2016, was the first of its kind and was made possible by the added flexibility introduced by recent partnership amendments.
By Andrew Miller
Company incorporation has evolved; it's big business, particularly in regions such as Asia where the climate favours and encourages businesses to set up and / or register subsidiaries.
By Nick Dunne, Brett Basdeo, Stuart Rowe
New legislative amendments have addressed a discrepancy in the Development and Planning Regulations (2015 Revision) in respect of setback requirements for buildings of more than seven storeys.
By Paul Farrell, Gayle Bowen, Kerill O'Shaughnessy
Bringing to a conclusion its three year consultation process on Fund Management Company effectiveness, the Central Bank yesterday published its feedback statement on CP86 together with final guidance...
By Lucy Frew
In this edition of her column, Lucy considers the FinTech and RegTech work strands of international, EU and UK regulators over the past 6 months...
By Damian Evans, Paul Nicholls, Marc Seddon, Fritha Ford
The formulation of "an arguable point of law of general public importance which ought to be considered by the Supreme Court at that time" is the same as that applied under the relevant procedural rules to an application for permission to appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council on appeal from the Court of Appeal of Jersey.
By Damian Evans, Paul Nicholls, Marc Seddon, Fritha Ford
ORB denied that the majority of its assets were in England and also denied that it had a substantial connection with that jurisdiction.
By Ariane West, Jonathan Betts
This memorandum provides an overview of the Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Financing ("AML/CFT") regime in Bermuda
By Damian Evans, Paul Nicholls, Marc Seddon, Fritha Ford
In its judgment of 19th September 2016 in In the matter of D, E and F Trusts [2016] JRC 166C, the Royal Court applied, for the first time, the statutory mistake provisions embodied in Article 47E of the Trusts (Jersey) Law 1984.
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