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By Joanelle O’Cleirigh, Deirdre O'Mahony
The newspaper sought to have the latter claims (relating to the statements made to Mr. O'Brien) struck out as an abuse of process based on their similarity to the claims relating to the newspaper articles.
By Robert Cain, Maedhbh Clancy
The Central Bank is consulting on mortgage switching and transparency measures with a view to updating its Consumer Protection Code (CPC). Our briefing summarises the proposals.
By Robert Cain, Maedhbh Clancy
As mentioned in our briefing last week: MiFID II: Department of Finance publishes Feedback Statement on MiFID II Consultation, the Department has confirmed the approach...
By Gregory Glynn
Since the inception of bitcoin in January 2009, it has appreciated exponentially in value. In 2009, it would have cost €24 for 5,000 bitcoins. At the time of writing, those same 5,000 bitcoin...
By Cormac Kissane, Glenn Butt, Helen Berrill, Aiden Small, Phil Cody, Robert Cain, Maedhbh Clancy
The European Commission is required, under PD3, to adopt certain Level 2 measures (delegated acts) by 21 January 2019.
By Richard Ryan, Florence Loric, Patrick Horan
The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (the "CCPC") was established on 31 October 2014, combining the former Competition Authority and the National Consumer Agency.
By Robert Cain, Pearse Ryan, Maedhbh Clancy
On 29 June 2017, the Central Bank published a Discussion Paper: Consumer Protection Code and the Digitalisation of Financial Services.
By Orla O'Connor, Dara Harrington, Maedhbh Clancy
The Department of Finance has published its Feedback Statement on its 2016 MiFID II Consultation.
By Arthur Cox
In this regular briefing, we summarise recent cases, developments and trends relevant to the ongoing efforts to resolve the mortgage arrears crisis.
By Deirdre O'Mahony, Keith Smith, Colin Monaghan
On 22 May 2017, the High Court delivered judgment in favour of two homeowners allowing a significant write-down of their mortgage debt and rejecting a proposal by their lender...
By Robert Cain, Kevin Murphy, Sarah Cunniff, Dara Harrington, Adrian Mulryan, Maedhbh Clancy
On 31 May, ESMA published an Opinion, highlighting the "unique situation" presented by the likely relocation of many of those financial services providers currently based in London to the other EU...
By Cormac Kissane, Glenn Butt, Aiden Small, Phil Cody, Robert Cain, Maedhbh Clancy
Provisional agreement has finally been reached between the European Commission, the EU Council and the European Parliament on changes to the European securitisation market.
By Arthur Cox
Brexit negotiations are likely to begin in earnest during the week beginning 19 June (after the UK General Election on 8 June).
By Colin Kavanagh, Ciara Farrell
In the Guide, the HPRA includes a new definition for e-cigarettes which, unlike the previous version of the Guide, further elaborates on the type of chambers in these products...
By Colin Monaghan, Michael Twomey, Cecelia Joyce, Gemma O’Farrell, Domhnall Breatnach
The Supreme Court of Ireland has confirmed, in its decision in the case of Persona Digital Telephony Ltd v The Minister for Public Enterprise, that professional third party funding...
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