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By Cynthia Moyer
Does your trademark registration identify multiple goods or services in a single class? If so, you could be subject to a random audit to make sure you are using your mark with all the goods...
By Steven Helland, Marguerite J. Ahmann
Twelve deaf individuals filed a complaint in Federal District Court in Arizona on March 13 against Banner Health...
By Steven Helland
For over a decade I have represented scores of corporate clients from all over the country in software audits and license disputes involving the Business Software Alliance or "BSA".
By Richard Ross
The new rules, which become effective April 14, 2015, will streamline the election procedure.
By Paul Thomas
It is common knowledge that when we access the internet, our computers, as part of their basic system functionality, make copies of the webpages we access.
By Paul Thomas
Sending a cease & desist letter can be a dangerous thing.
By Ingrid Culp, Pamela Abbate-Dattilo
As some employers are learning the hard way, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is taking a tough stance against inflexible leave of absence policies that call for automatic termination of employment when an employee cannot return to work upon expiration of the employer’s "maximum" medical leave period.
By Beau Hurtig
Although the recent economic climate increased focus on safety and soundness concerns in most bank examinations, indications are that regulators are returning their attention to compliance matters.