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By Shep Davidson
When entering into a new venture, it is not uncommon for a new legal entity to be formed in order to insulate an existing company from the liabilities associated with the new business.
By Nancy R. Van Tine
The ownership (homing) of a pet can be a hot-button issue in high conflict divorce cases.
By Shep Davidson
A couple of words here or there in a contract can make a huge difference, particularly when those words relate to what happens if there is a breach or some other dispute between the parties.
By Andrea Dunbar
As people scramble to purchase Powerball tickets for a chance (however small) at the 1.3 billion dollar jackpot, the largest in U.S. history, I couldn't help but think about the practical considerations that come into play when dealing with divorce and lottery winnings, especially for those who are divorcing, or already divorced.
By Elizabeth G. Crowley
Have you ever wondered if a divorce is always final or whether a divorce judgment can be "undone" or "modified?"
By Nancy R. Van Tine
We've had an exciting year here at the Divorce Law Monitor!
By Shep Davidson
As I have written previously, leveraging another to settle a dispute can violate Chapter 93A, as can exercising valid contract rights, if the motivation in doing so is ulterior.
By Josef Volman, Andrew Merken
On Oct. 30, 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") adopted new rules that will enable some private companies to use the Internet for crowdfunding campaigns...
By Shep Davidson
As regular readers of this blog know, a day that is scheduled to be filled with relatively routine and non-controversial matters can get turned upside and require immediate action without any advance notice.
By Nancy R. Van Tine
If you haven't already created a holiday parenting schedule with your ex, you should contact them right away to work out the details.
By Shep Davidson
In today's world where circumstances can change at lightening speed, companies sometime feel compelled to act before their counsel can formalize or finalize a written contract.
By Andrea Dunbar
A few years back I wrote a post about things to consider when divorcing later in life.
By Ronald P. Barriere
My first exposure to military divorce came not as an attorney, but rather as a child raised on a military base for most of my formative years.
By Robin Lynch Nardone
Since many divorcing people are parents, this new case about physical discipline of children might be of interest.
By Nancy R. Van Tine
just learned that this is National Estate Planning Awareness Week. One of our terrific attorneys, Christine Fletcher, has written a quick piece explaining the importance of having your estate planner working on a team with your other "people" when making financial decisions.
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