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By Anthony Kelly
As seven years is the typical term for PPSR registration, many security interest certificates have already expired.
By Amy Sanders
Your Will sets out your wishes and directions in relation to the management and distribution of your assets when you die.
By Sarah Vinall
The family of a person killed in a motor vehicle accident by the other driver's fault is entitled to claim compensation.
By Adam Crichton
Article notes that care should be taken in drafting restraint clauses to ensure they are not so broad they become unenforceable.
By Kerry Miller
Discussion on the 2 methods of holding joint property: joint tenancy & tenants-in-common & the potential to change between them. .
By Anthony Kelly
The registration of many security interests on the PPSR expired at the end of January 2015, unless they were renewed.
By Joanna Andrew
Your business may never face this scrutiny but there are important lessons to be learnt for all businesses and Directors.
By Natasha Budimski
Article poses questions and provides answers to common questions regarding parenting rights post-separation.
By Emma Tummel
A claim of medical negligence may succeed only after a medical practitioner acts negligently and that has caused loss.
By Nick Coutts
Not making a will means that, after death, your assets and personal belongings might not be distributed as you intended.
By Natasha Budimski
Injured workers in South Australia may be entitled to make a claim for economic loss under the Return to Work Act 2014.
By Selina Nikoloudakis
These tips may help those parties who have separated, are going through a separation or are contemplating separating.
By Anthony Kelly
Primary producers should take all reasonable measures and have suitable systems to ensure contamination does not occur.
By Selina Nikoloudakis
People often don't realise that there is a process and procedure that they must follow when they decide to divorce.
By Nick Coutts
Discussion about the case management system of the Courts Administration Authority which is going digital.