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Most Reader Response
By Erick Gunawan
Data, collected for whatever purpose, should be protected and treated as potential evidence that could end up in court.
By Law In Order
Using Relativity Processing and ECA reduced their overall data footprint by 75 percent with a 25 percent cost savings.
By Mei Yong
Arbitration in Hong Kong has seen a move towards technology solutions to manage complex, multi-jurisdictional cases.
By Law In Order
Technology assisted review of the numerous court documents was an example of efficiency and cost savings in e-discovery.
By Law In Order
This client needed to review email data to provide a hyperlinked list of the most relevant documents for their barrister.
By Law In Order
The use of eDiscovery, analytics and technology assisted review could produce a timely and accurate review of documents.
By Law In Order
A review of the documents was completed in less than 3 days, saving the client a significant amount of time and money.
By Law In Order
As new forms of data become admissible, firms rely on e-discovery and analytics to build cases and strengthen claims.
By Phillip Buglass
UK case confirms importance of a defensible & transparent process when it comes to data identification, collection & review.
By Matthew Hollings
Author offers help If you find yourself dealing with a less than traditional challenge relating to data for an investigation.
By Murali Baddula
Article advises on what can be done to get on top of eDiscovery and deliver better outcomes, faster and with less resources.
By Matthew Hollings
Today lawyers are not generalists, but focus on building a specialist knowledge of distinct areas of legal practice.
By Mei Yong
With large data sizes, internal investigations would be more efficiently and accurately conducted using eDiscovery tools.
By Matthew Hollings
Detailed analyses of the cost of printing documents (eg actual and opportunity costs) and how to combat these costs.
By Faraz Khan
eArbitration & the 3 broad areas where technology can assist - evidence management, evidence presentation & real time transcripts.