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By Katrin Hanschitz, Thomas Voppichler, Bettina Knoetzl, Florian Haugeneder, Patrizia Netal
In a recent interview with Trend's Thomas Martinek KNOETZL's dispute resolution experts, Katrin Hanschitz, Thomas Voppichler, Bettina Knoetzl, Florian Haugeneder and Patrizia Netal discussed the surge of lawsuits ...
By Katrin Hanschitz
When disputes between shareholders escalate, one of the shareholders may be tempted to transfer the business to a new entity. Can the shareholder be stopped if he succeeds in obtaining a majority vote?
By Oliver Loksa
In a recently published decision, the Austrian Supreme Court ("OGH") clarified and strengthened the rights of suspects in criminal proceedings.
By Katrin Hanschitz
How far-reaching is the concept that "any person" who suffered cartel-related damages is entitled to claim compensation?
By Katrin Hanschitz
In a high-profile case of global interest, the Austrian Constitutional Court ruled on the Squeeze Out Act (the "Act") that was introduced in 2006.
By Katrin Hanschitz
Director's liability is a recurring issue in both the Austrian and German courts. One reason is that, when a company goes into bankruptcy, its receivers and creditors tend to look for alternative sources of funds...
By Knoetzl  
Together with a UK and US lawyers and a Delaware Supreme Court judge, KNOETZL's Katrin Hanschitz explored "Trends in Merger and Acquisition Law and Practice: The Interrelationship between Stockholder Voting and Director Duties" ...
By Knoetzl  
Kritiker der Frauenquote warnen vor einer Flucht von der Börse und anderen Ausweichmanövern. Doch betroffen sind weniger als 100 Großunternehmen.
By Katrin Hanschitz
With reference to our KNOETZL alert of January 19, 2017, we are again reminded that, whenever violations of criminal laws and internal compliance regulations by executives and directors of the company come to light ...
By Bettina Knoetzl, Oliver Loksa, Tim Pfister, Thomas Voppichler
The recent announcement that the immunity of FPÖ politician Christian Leyroutz has been suspended shows that neither politicians nor lawyers or even politicians who are lawyers are protected from prosecution.