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By Leon Patrice Sarr
Would you consider your national data protection laws to be ahead or behind of the international curve?
By LPS Law
The development of information and communication technology (ICT) has had the corollary of rendering human interaction increasingly virtual.
By LPS Law
2016 was the year of expansion for Senegal's energy sector. Indeed: in February, the Tobène electrical plant was started at Taiba Ndiaye, 90 kilometres north-east of Dakar
By Leon Patrice Sarr
Under Senegalese law, for copyright to subsist in work, the work must be a "work of mind" ("œuvre de l'esprit") and it must be original. Under the Copyright Act, "originality" is defined as the footprint...
By Leon Patrice Sarr
La publicité a des origines très anciennes. Une affiche découverte à St- Hyacinthe, offrant une pièce d'or à qui capturerait un esclave en fuite et datant de l'an 1000 avant Jésus-Christ ...