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By Paul J. Willetts
Wrongful dismissal disputes are fairly common. In our experience they often resolve through negotiation and infrequently progress far into the litigation process.
By Paul J. Willetts
According to Restaurants Canada, the Canadian food service industry employs over 1.2 million people.
By Andrew N. Vey
Making a complaint of workplace sexual harassment can be daunting. If the actual harassment ...might undermine their professional reputation.
By Andrew N. Vey
In a landmark decision, the HRTO has found an employer who required job candidates to be either Canadian citizens or permanent residents liable for discrimination contrary to the Human Rights Code.
By Andrew N. Vey
Dismissing an employee is not a pleasant experience. But whether you like it or not, this is one task that most businesses will encounter at some point.
By Paul J. Willetts
Employees are entitled to work in a respectful environment, free from harassment and discrimination.